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Subclass 887 Skilled Regional Visa

Subclass 887 is a permanent visa, which allows an applicant to stay indefinitely in Australia. Applicants who have stayed and worked in specified areas of regional Australia qualify to apply through this visa category. This visa does not have any points based requirement. Subclass 887 skilled regional visa is a permanent visa processing structure designed for the provisional visa holders of –

  • Provisional visa under subclass 489 (regional skilled)
  • Provisional Subclass 496 (area sponsored skilled visa)
  • Subclass 475 and 487 (skilled regional sponsored visa)
  • Subclass 495 (Independent regional skilled visa).

Subclass 887 visa in Australia is for individuals who have served in certain designated regional areas in Australia. The applicant for skilled regional visa 887 must fulfil all the requirements of the migration category. To know more about the permanent migration process, contact our 887 visa immigration agent at +61 7 3172 4965.

Eligible Condition to Apply for Subclass 887 Visa Application (Skilled Regional)

To be eligible to apply for the subclass 887 visa application, the applicant must hold a provisional skilled visa (subclass 495, 496, 497,47or 487) or a Bridging visa category A or B after duly applying for a skilled Australian visa under subclass 489, 495, or 487. For more specific details on skilled regional visa 887 communicate with 887 visa consultant.

To be able to file a subclass 887 visa application form the applicant must have lived for at least two years and must have worked for at least one year on a full-time basis (35 hours per week) in a specified designated regional part of the country. Concurrent part-time employment will qualify for the work requirement. One can work in their nominated occupation or any other occupation.

For a positive decision on skilled regional visa 887, get professional guidance from our 887 visa immigration agent. The applicant of the skilled regional visa 887 must meet all the eligibility conditions as required in the subclass 887 visa application form.

Dependent/spouse/ partners of the applicant can also apply for a subclass 887 visa application, under the skilled regional immigration route, as the main applicant if they are the holder of a provisional skilled visa, and meet all the eligibility criteria for the migration category.

The candidate for skilled regional visa 887 must satisfy all the health and character-based necessities required under the immigration process. Get in touch with  E-Help Consultancy professional 887 visa immigration agent for explicit health and character-based information for a subclass 887 visa.

An applicant must not have any active outstanding debts payable to the Australian Government. In a case where there is any, one must-have documentary evidence of arrangements for the repayment. If one fails to do so, it might lead to a rejection of their subclass 887 visa application.

The applicant must be residing in Australia at the time of applying for 887 visa application to and at the time of decision by the department. For specific counseling before applying for a subclass 887 visa application reach out to our qualified 887 visa immigration agent.

Processing Time for Subclass 887 Visa Application

The usual processing time for a skilled regional visa 887 is 18 months (approximately 75% of the visa applications takes 12 months and 90% of applications takes around18 months).

Subclass 887 visa in Australia has provisions for priority processing. Irrespective of the time of the application form, the department may consider a certain application on a priority basis. To know in detail about the priority processing of your visa get in touch with our 887 visa consultants/agents. Contact us now.

Why to Apply for a Subclass 887 Skilled Regional Visa

Subclass 887 involves a permanent migration procedure to Australia. The holder of the subclass 887 visa enjoys the following rights.

  • To live in Australia permanently
  • To be a part of insurance for health- care and expenses
  • To study and work in Australia
  • To apply for Australian residency (subject to Citizenship criteria)
  • To sponsor their close associates for permanent residence.
  • To travel to and from the country for a period of five years.

Inclusions in Application for A Skilled Regional Visa 887

The applicant for a skilled regional visa 887 can include their spouse/de- facto partner in their application.

The candidate can also include their partner’s child (dependent) in their application.
The candidate can also include their partner’s dependent relative in their subclass 887 visa application form for permanent migration.

An application under the skilled regional visa 887 demands distinguished knowledge of the 887 visa immigration process which can be efficiently handled by our immigration agents/experts. Feel free to contact our 887 visa consultants at +61 7 3172 4965 for a positive visa application voyage.


The 887 visa permits bringing your family along. For this visa, you must include every family member while applying for the visa since you cannot add family members later.

However, one may only bring members of their immediate family. This includes a spouse, minor or dependent adult children, minor or dependent adult stepchildren, and grandchildren.


After five years, you won’t be able to travel on this visa. This is so that visitors can use the five-year travel facility on Australian permanent visas. You should apply for a resident return visa to travel unrestrictedly with a visa 887.

If you do not intend to travel, you don’t need to apply for an RRV visa. But if you leave Australia without one and your travel authorization has expired, you might not be able to re-enter as a permanent resident.


The 887 Visa allows you a lot of benefits as long as the visa is valid. As a bearer of a skilled regional visa, you can:

  • Continually reside, study, and work in Australia
  • Get Medicare (Australia’s healthcare programme) to pay for your medical expenses
  • Apply for citizenship in Australia once you’ve met the requirements.
  • Encourage qualified relatives or family members to apply for permanent residency
  • Up to five years after the visa is approved, you may visit Australia regularly.

Checklist for a Skilled Regional Visa 887

One should carefully evaluate the application form for the skilled regional visa 887 before filing it with the department. Documentation to validate the conformity to the visa requirements need to be compiled and submitted. Documentary evidence to support marriage or partner relationship is required along with the application.

Valid proofs to substantiate the fact that the applicant was residing in a designated area in the country for at least two years in the form of –

  • Lease Agreements
  • Utility bills- gas, electricity, etc
  • Title deeds of the place of residence.

Other residential pieces of evidence based on the individual’s condition may also be submitted.

Other evidence supporting health as well as character requirements under the 887 visa application is required. Our 887 visa consultants guide you in arranging as well as accommodating all the necessary documents.

For fulfilling the work-related criteria, documentary proofs for at least 1-year work experience (full time) in the designated part of the country along with the exact tenure of the employment shall be required in the form of:

  • Tax returns
  • Payslips
  • Employment references. (Employer reference should be free from any ambiguity and must contain all the details of the Company/Employer)
  • Contracts or superannuation evidence

In the case of self-employed applicants, substantial instruments are necessary to serve as shreds of evidence of self-employment in the form of –

  • Tax documents
  • Company’s registered documents
  • Duly audited financial statement of the company (for the relevant period)
  • Membership, if there is any, of the professional or business association
  • Documentary evidence of important contracts.
  • Prospectus of the company, if there is any.

If the skilled regional visa application gets rejected for any reason, it jeopardizes the candidate’s chances of getting a permanent migration to the country. Hence the filing of the 887 visa application in Australia requires special care and due attention. The candidates must make sure that all the pieces of evidence so provided with the visa application to the department are genuine and do not have any inconsistency in their validity. Get in touch with our 887 migration agent for a proper understanding of the 887 visas to Australia.

Commitments in Respect of Skilled Regional Visa 887

The candidate and their dependent/family members are bound to comply with all the requirements of the subclass 887 visa in Australia and must adhere to the country’s laws. Violation of any kind of law may lead to non-applicability for Citizenship.
For a comprehensive view on the visa conditions, reach out to our 887 visa immigration agent.

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We also offer temporary graduate visaskill shortage visa, student visa and more. If you wish to convert your provisional migration into a permanent 887 visa in Australia, contact our 887 visa immigration agent for a hassle-free immigration procedure and a positive decision to the application. The permanent skilled regional visa 887 processing is a complex and tricky task; hence, the assistance from 887 visa consultant is indispensable for a favourable decision on the skilled regional visa. For a detailed insight on moving to Australia please visit our information page or book a meeting with our expert visa immigration agents for exploring specific immigration options available for you. Contact us. Our 887 visa consultants will love to be a part of your 887 visa (Australia) Journey.


1Who Can Apply for an 887 Visa?

You can apply for an 887 visa if you meet the requirements:

  • You now have, or you previously held for at least two years before applying for, one of the following types of visas:
    • A skilled regional visa- subclass 489.
    • A skilled independent regional-subclass 495.
    • A bridging visa A.
    • A bridging visa B.
    • A skilled regional sponsored visa- subclass 475.
    • A skilled regional sponsored visa- subclass 487.
    • A sponsored visa- subclass 496.
  • You are eligible for residency.
  • You are qualified for the position.
2What Is the Cost of an 887 Visa?

The cost of this visa is $425. Each family member who applies for a visa at the same time as you does at an additional cost. A second instalment charge must be paid for each relative over 18. The second payment is AUD 4,890.

3What Does This Subclass 887 Visa Allow You To Do In Australia?

Since the subclass 887 visa is a permanent visa, you are entitled to quite a few benefits. It allows you to:

  • Live, work, and study in Australia permanently.
  • Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s health insurance programme,
  • Sponsor eligible family members for permanent residency,
  • Travel to and from Australia for five years,
  • If qualified, seek citizenship in Australia.
4What Are Subclass 887 Visa Conditions?

The subclass 887 visa conditions that the applicant must prudently adhere to include the following:

  • The candidate must be at least eighteen.
  • The candidate cannot have a rejected or barred visa application.
  • According to the nomination, the candidate must dwell in a specific area.
  • Any dependent may accompany the applicant while the visa application is being processed.
  • The candidate must pay any debts owed to the Australian government.
  • The applicant must adhere to Australian government standards for morality and fitness.
  • The applicant must be present within Australia’s external borders at the time of application.
5What Are Subclass 887 Visa Requirements?

The requirements for Subclass 887 Visa are as follows:

  • The applicant must own an acceptable visa.
  • When applying for visa 887, the candidate must satisfy the residency, health, and character requirements.
  • The applicant who wants to apply for the visa must also meet the work-related condition.
  • The applicant must meet the requirements for the visa they are currently holding.
  • No funds belonging to the Australian government should be recorded in the applicants’ or their relatives’ names. Any such sum that has been registered needs to be removed.
  • The applicant must sign the Australian value statement and never have an application form denied or cancelled before.
6Is visa 887 permanent residency?

Yes, the 887 visa is a permanent residency visa.

7How long does it take to get an 887 visa?

It can take approximately a year or 18 months for the 887 Visa to process.

8What is subclass 887?

The holder of the Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 is permitted to stay temporarily inside Australian territory while engaging in job, study, or other activities. Additionally, they have a visa that entitles the holder to an unlimited period of stay in Australia.

9How to apply for a Skilled Regional visa (Subclass 887)?

You can either apply by following the below steps or refer to our E-Help professionals to aid you with the application process. The steps to apply for a permanent skilled registered visa are as follows:

The subclass 887 visa application process can be divided into five parts, detailed below.

  1. Gather all required documents.
  2. The applicant may be inside or outside of Australia at the time of application. The application is often only processed for Australian residents.
  3. Online application submission.
  4. The application will be examined and handled by the Department of Home Affairs.
  5. The visa grant notification will be delivered to the applicant after the application has been granted. If the application is turned down, the applicant will also be informed about why.

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