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Perth is the capital of Western Australia. A booming economy and pleasant Mediterranean climate make this the most trending city in Australia. With a population of one and three quarter million, Perth is one of the most isolated towns where other cities of Australia are several hours by flight. The lucky residents of Perth enjoy pleasant weather and a relaxed lifestyle in a very spacious, green and beautiful city.

Western Australia has huge natural reserves of metal ores and coal. Asian economies, particularly China, have been sourcing many of their raw materials from Western Australia, resulting in high economic growth for the state and its capital, Perth. Perth’s residents have some of the highest incomes in Australia. Perth has wide roads and highways. Rush hours can be busy, but the traffic usually keeps moving. Most people in Perth drive themselves to work rather than using public transport. Perth’s public transport system is good for getting you into the central city and out again.

Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny weather for most of the year. Perth’s climate is extremely bright, with around 3,200 hours annually. This is higher than any other major Australian city.

Perth is also known as the ‘City of Light.’ The naming is the result of the fact that when astronaut John Glenn orbited above back in 1962, he could identify Perth because everyone turned on all their lights, making Perth highly visible.

King’s Park spans 4.06 km², pipping New York’s Central Park at 3.41 km² gives Perth the largest city park in the world. Perth has the most self-made millionaires in the world so earning money is also a trend here. The Olympic medals used in the Sydney 2000 Olympics were forged in Perth. Perth is the sunniest capital city in the world, with an average of 8 hours per day sunshine 365 days per year. Perth has more cars and road space per capita than any place on earth. The only city in the world where an aircraft can land in the central business district. Nominated by U.S astronauts as the ‘City’ of Lights’ – as it stood out as the bright spot on earth. Traveling around Perth City on buses is free in the Free Transit Zone or using the free CAT buses. Perth has more Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed companies (830) headquartered in its city than any other capital city in Australia. Perth houses the largest oil refinery in Australia in the massive industrial area of Kwinana.

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