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Subclass 151 Former Resident Visa

The subclass 151 visa is more popularly known as the Former Resident Visa in Australia; this visa is framed expressly for the country’s former permanent residents and those who have served in the Australian Defence Force. An applicant can apply for this visa via these two routes: the long residence route and the defence service route. The main aim behind the formulation of this immigration category is to allow the eligible applicants’ resettlement to Australia. For intrinsic information on the visa, visit E-Help Consultancy 151 visa immigration agents and facilitate your visa journey process to progress smoothly.

Why apply for a Former Resident Visa 151?

Former Resident Visa 151 is a permanent visa; it allows the holder of this visa to stay indefinitely in the country. The applicant for the Former Resident Visa 151 becomes the permanent resident of the nation the day the visa is granted.

The holder of this visa category can also work and study in the country in their respective field of interest. They are also able to travel to and from the country for five years.

The holder of this visa can also enroll themselves for the government’s healthcare services and apply for citizenship (if eligible). To know in detail about the healthcare benefits, contact our experts who can guide you on the specifications of a Former Resident Visa.

The possessor of the Former Resident Visa 151 is also eligible to sponsor their relative to apply for their visa.

There are two more types of resident return visa, including five year resident return visa and three month resident return visa. To know more in detail please contact our migration agent.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for a Former Resident Visa (Australia)?

Depending on an applicant’s eligibility for a Former Resident Visa 151, they need to apply under either the Long Resident Route or the Defence Service Route.

Requirements of a Long Residence Applicant

If the applicant is over 18 years of age, they should have spent at least 9 years in Australia as a permanent Australian resident before turning 18. For candidates below 18 years of age, they must spend at least half of their life as a permanent Australian resident. No candidate is allowed to apply for the subclass 151 Former Resident Visa if he/she is above 45 years of age. (This is not applicable for defence services applicants). The applicant must not be the holder of an Australian citizenship during their lifespan.

An applicant must have kept close ties (business, cultural, or personal) with Australia since their departure from Australia as a permanent resident. Close ties concerning requirements under Former Resident Visa 151 may include:

  • An applicant’s social dependency/interaction with relatives and friends in Australia
  • Frequent visits to Australia on personal or business grounds
  • Ownership of wealth or property in Australia
  • Business connections or interests in Australia

Requirements of a Defence Services Applicant

An applicant must have completed at least three months of continuous Australian Defence Service or must have been discharged from the Australian Defence Force before completing 3 months of service due to becoming medically unfit because of that service.

Apart from this, the candidate for a Former Resident Visa 151 must also fulfil all the Department of Home Affairs’ health requirements as set out. If an applicant is applying outside of Australia, family members not coming to Australia might also have to pass the health requirement.

The Department of Home Affairs has a specific set of character requirements for the candidates of Former Resident Visa 151. To be eligible to apply for this visa category, the candidate must meet all the character requirements. To know in more detail about the criteria set out by the Department, contact our former resident visa migration agent.

The applicant for the Subclass 151 Visa must ensure that all the financial obligations towards the Australian government have been honoured, and there is no debt due to them. An applicant might also be asked to submit an Assurance of Support form.

As the immigration process for a Subclass 151 is tricky, rejection of any visa before this visa category may sabotage your favourable outcome chances. For a successful visa journey, get in touch with our skilled 151 visa consultant.

How to Apply for a Former Resident Visa 151

Before applying for the visa, one must check their passport and hold a valid passport.

Gathering documents marks the second stage for preparing for the visa application process. All the documentary evidence concerning the health and character requirements, identification documents, partner documents, long resident documents, or defence services-related records must be in place before applying for the visa.

The documentary evidence must be accurate and should provide factual information. At E- Help, we understand how important it is for a candidate to secure a successful visa; hence, we have our team of experts to counsel our applicants and arrange documents for them. Visit our 151 visa immigration agent and save yourselves from the hassle of securing a positive visa application.

The application must be filled as per the Department of Home Affairs’ guidelines and should be free of any false information. Once the visa is filled, the applicant will receive a visa application receipt.

The decision to approve your application for the former resident visa for Australia is communicated to the candidates at their registered mail address. In case of refusal of visa application, the reason for denial is also mentioned.

An applicant can be inside or outside of Australia when they apply for this visa but not in immigration clearance. If an application is made in Australia, the Department can’t grant the visa if the applicant is outside of Australia when a decision is made. If an application is made outside of Australia, the Department can’t grant the visa if the applicant is in Australia when a decision is made.

Do not let the refusal of your visa application put an end to your immigration dream. Join our experienced 151 visa consultant team and get your dream visa secured. Get in touch with our Former Resident Visa agent now.  Other than this, we also offer graduate visa, skill shortage visa, partner visa, student visa and more.

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The requirements specified by the Department of Home Affairs for a Former Resident Visa and for other visa categories to Australia are complex. One needs an in-depth understanding of what is required to get the visa approved. Here at E-Help, we have a team of experts to help you with all your Former Resident Return Visa 151 related needs. Our 151 visa immigration agents can provide you with the right advice and guidance for a detailed insight on moving to Australia. Enquire now with one of our 151 visa consultants to discuss your visa options and the journey ahead.

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