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Regional Employer Sponsored- Temporary Work

This visa is designed specifically for those regional employers who struggle with labour shortages within their region. It enables them to address their labour issues by sponsoring skilled foreign workers where employers cannot source an appropriately skilled Australian worker.

Nowadays, migration is the most common phenomenon, with more and more people willing to move away from their original country and settle down in another opportunity-based country. People are ready to migrate for work, study, individual development, or better life quality. This migration segment is for those who wish to live and work in the country and possess particular skills that are in demand and are required by the country’s specific regional areas. Australia is a beautiful nation that offers a wide range of work options to skilled individuals from different parts of the world, utilising its diverse visa categories. If you wish to stay in the country for three months to five years, this is the visa for you (if you are eligible).

Australia has a diverse range of visa categories available for immigrants to fulfil their dream abroad. One can apply to some visa types depending on their requirements and eligibility conditions. The most common path to secure immigration access is via one’s profession. It is a temporary visa, which primarily means that all the visa categories are provisioned with a restricted validity in terms of time. In general, the screening process for a temporary visa is comparatively less thorough than a permanent visa. However, Regional Employer Sponsored- Temporary Work Visa is categorised as a provisional category, which means that the holder of a migration access category can apply for an extension. Extending your stay before the expiry of your initial visa is a simple process.

This visa category serves the dream of those skilled migrants looking for a more superior standard of living and a more stable political environment. Regional Employer Sponsored- (Temporary Work) visa facilitates better salary and enhanced job prospects for skilled foreign labourers. Hence, the possessors of this migration access have an opportunity for their professional development and personal growth. Regional Employer Sponsored- (provisional) visa plays a dramatic role in improving the quality of the migrant’s life and the lives of their parents and family and nourishes their dream of building a career abroad. Regional areas in Australia are major areas excluding Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The regional areas of Australia in themselves are flourishing and offer excellent life and work prospects for aspirants intending to settle there.

Subclass 494 or the Regional Temporary Migration visa is a provisional residency visa available to skilled foreign workers. It is available to both onshore and offshore aspirants. To be eligible to secure this visa, a prospective worker must be skilled in an occupation that is listed on the Regional Occupation List and be nominated by an employer in a designated regional area.

Once an applicant secures a 494 visa, they are required to maintain the nominated employment within the designated regional area; the validity of this visa is up to five years, with a permanent residency pathway available after three years of suggested stay. One can include dependent family members in their application, but they must also live, work, and study in a designated regional area only.

This regional visa has helped innumerable individuals and families settle in the world’s most livable country. Since the temporary visa has time validity, the candidate must consider their role in a limited period to better their profile.

Further, a Regional Employer Sponsored visa can act as a pathway to your permanent residency. Eligible candidates can apply for permanent visas after completing three years from the date this visa was granted. Thus, this visa category provides its holder with a choice to bring more family members abroad. Living in a vibrant multicultural nation can also secure a better life for the visa holder’s children.

This migration access subclass 494 to the country is further subdivided as follows-

  • Employer-Sponsored stream- This visa is to enable regional employers to tackle particular (identified) labour shortages in their respective local areas by sponsoring international skilled workers when the employers cannot avail an appropriately skilled Australian worker
  • Labor Agreement stream- This stream is meant for those (foreign) skilled workers nominated by the employers (who have an active labour agreement). Labour agreements are generally structured between the Government (represented by the Department of Home Affairs) and employers.
  • Subsequent entrant- This visa is structured for family unit members or close family associates of a Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa holder who is applying separately for their own regional sponsored (skilled) visa wish to stay with the primary visa holder in the country.

The processing time for a provisional visa differs based on the candidates’ profile and visa conditions. The Department of Home Affairs assesses a visa application based on the application’s circumstances, eligibility, and need for such employment and work in particular regional areas.

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