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Diplomatic (Temporary) Visa Subclass 995

Subclass 995 visa is a temporary visa that is only granted to foreign officials posted to Australia. It includes members and heads of diplomatic missions, consular corps, military personnel, and staff of international agencies/organizations. This visa also lets the applicants include their family members in the application, i.e., spouse/de facto partner and single children who are below 21 years of age. An individual is granted this visa only if they have been endorsed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for accreditation.

How Does a Subclass 995 Visa Work

Subclass 995 visa allows the following foreign officials to reside temporarily in Australia:

  • Diplomats from foreign countries;
  • Consular officials of foreign governments;
  • Officials/representatives of international organizations and agencies;
  • Consular employees or employees working for accredited international representatives, including technical, administrative, and other staff;
  • Service staff, including domestic staff such as drivers, cooks, and housekeepers, employed by the diplomatic or consular officials or by the international representatives;

To be eligible for this visa, the Department requires an applicant to hold a valid passport that:

  • Has been issued to the applicant by an official source; and
  • is in the specified form issued by the official source; or
  • it would not be reasonable to require the applicant to be the holder of a passport (in exceptional cases).

The applicant may be in the migration zone or outside Australia while applying for this visa.
The applicant can make a combined application for accompanying family members, which requires a recommendation in writing by the Australian Foreign Minister.

The applicant needs to be approved by the Protocol Branch of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for accreditation before being granted the visa. This visa can only be granted after a successful accreditation has been obtained on DFAT’s recommendation.

Subclass 995 is usually granted for a term of up to four years. Diplomatic visas become invalid when an official’s placement is duly fulfilled or completed, regardless of the validity date mentioned on the visa grant notice. Subclass 995 visa comes with a travel component with multiple-entries; a visa holder can enter and leave Australia without any limitations till the date permitted in the visa grant notice.

The applicant must abide by the conditions attached to the visa and continue to satisfy the criteria for the grant of the visa at all times. The applicants are also required to abide by the visa condition 8502. To know more about the provisions under subclass 995 or your specific or general queries on eligibility, conditions, migration, and processing, contact our 995 visa consultants or immigration agents.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for a Diplomatic (Temporary) Visa 995

To be eligible to apply for a subclass 995 visa, the applicant must meet the Department’s required eligibility conditions:

  • The applicant must be outside Australia or in the migration zone while making an application.
  • The applicant must hold a valid passport issued by an official source.
  • The applicant must be recommended by the Department of Foreign Affairs or Trade (DFAT) for accreditation.
  • An applicant without a passport in exceptional circumstances is permitted to apply for the visa. The Minister determines exceptional circumstances and allows this visa if they deem it unreasonable for the applicant to hold or obtain a passport.
  • The applicant and accompanying family members should not apply for or hold any other Australian visa during their posting to Australia.
  • The applicant must abide by Australian laws.

An applicant can remain in Australia on subclass 995 diplomatic visa as a primary visa holder till the duration of their official status as a foreign diplomat, consular representative, or international representative (of an agency or organization) in Australia. For applicants, other these persons, the visa validity date may be specified by the Minister.

The visa holder must fulfill the required eligibility conditions at all times; if there is a failure to do so, the visa may get canceled. The shared information is exclusive but not exhaustive; one must comply with all the eligibility requirements before making an application. Immigration laws in Australia can get quite complicated for an applicant to understand. The assistance of an experienced consultant or agent is paramount to a successful outcome. We advise you to talk to our qualified migration agents to help you understand the complete eligibility requirements before applying. For more information on visa conditions and processing, please contact our immigration consultants to assist you through the entire process. We suggest you book an appointment with our 995 visa consultants/ immigration agents to secure a favorable migration processing.

How to Apply for a Subclass 995 Visa

For a Diplomatic (Temporary) visa, the visa application must formally be requested by the concerned State’s Foreign Ministry. A visa application for an official or representative of an international organization should be affirmed by the organization’s headquarters. The Australian consulate then informs back with the requirements for the visa approval. Accreditation by the Australian Foreign Ministry is a must for the application to be processed. Documentary evidence such as official passport, duty-related documents, employment letters, etc., should be attached along with the application. Get in touch with our visa consultants/ immigration agents for more details on eligibility conditions and visa processing after you apply. Our specialized visa consultants/ immigration agents are trained to counsel the client based on their eligibility and migration conditions and then provide all the assistance required to ensure a favorable visa decision

Processing Time for a Diplomatic (Temporary) Visa 995

The processing timeline for this visa category is not available. The visa processing initially starts from internal directions and cross-check within the Foreign Ministry and Department of Home Affairs. However, such visas are generally processed on a priority basis. The Department may ask for additional information both from the applicants and/ or external agencies. Generally, the verification procedure for a temporary visa is less thorough than a permanent visa.

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