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Subclass 676 Tourist Visa

Foreign travelers visiting Australia require a visa before entering the Country. The tourist visa (subclass 676) in Australia was previously accessible and permitted stays for up to 3 to 12 months for tourism purposes, but it has since been replaced for the subclass 600 visitor visa. New applications for the subclass 676 visa category have been closed, and one can now apply for the subclass 600 visitor visa instead.

Applicants holding a valid passport can now complete the Australian eVisa application online for a tourist visa. Those who are not eligible can get an Australian visitor visa.

The subclass 676 visa was designed as a temporary tourist visa for people who wished to visit Australia for tourism, holiday, recreational purpose, and for those who were visiting family and friends. This visa allowed the applicant to stay for up to twelve months in Australia., travelling throughout the country as they wished.

What was the Validity for an Australian Tourist Subclass 676 Visa

Travelers were allowed to stay in Australia for a period of up to twelve months on the Australian tourist visa. Through this visa, the applicants were allowed single or multiple entries into Australia,for a time span determined by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DICC). While granting the visa, the Department let the applicant know about the duration of their stay in Australia and also the number of entries they could make to Australia. Sometimes the applicants were permitted a visa for a single entry only; in such a situation, if the applicant wished to come back or visit Australia again, they required a new visa. Further, if multiple entries were permitted, the applicant could travel to and from Australia many times from the date of issuance of the visa till the validity of the applicant’s visa. In all cases, the applicant was allowed to stay only for the period for which the visa had been granted.

Eligibility Requirements for the Subclass 676 Tourist Visa

Applicants who have already been granted a tourist visa (subclass 676) had to meet the following applicable conditions to qualify for the eligibility criteria:

  • The purpose of visiting Australia was as a tourist.
  • Show that they were genuine temporary entrant.
  • The purpose of the visit was for recreational purposes or visiting family and friends.
  • Meet the health and character requirements as set out by the Department.
  • Demonstrate that they met the financial requirements and had adequate funds to support their travel and stay in the country.

Applicants previously eligible for subclass 676 tourist visa are now required to apply for another visa subclass. The new streams of visas have gained fast popularity, and travelers from across the globe can now apply online for different sub-classes such as subclass 651, the eVisitor Visa, or ETA Australia.

The above shared information is exclusive but not exhaustive, and applicants are advised to go through complete eligibility requirements before applying. For more information on visa conditions and processing, please contact  E-Help Consultancy immigration consultants who will assist you through the entire process.

Other Conditions for a Subclass 676 Visa

An applicant was required to fulfill and comply with the below-mentioned visa conditions when in Australia:

  • The applicants granted a tourist visa were permitted to study for no more than three months while being in Australia.
  • The applicant was not allowed to work while staying in Australia on this Visa. They were only permitted or able to do some unpaid volunteer work. If doing volunteer work on this visa, the applicant could be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses such as meals, accommodation, etc.

Extending your Stay on a Subclass 676 Visa

If an applicant is already in Australia and is on the previously issued 676 Australian tourist visa, they may be able to apply for the visitor visa (subclass 600) as per their eligibility to continue staying in the country for tourism purposes. The application, in this case, must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the expiry of the current tourist visa for Australia. If the applicant’s tourist visa (subclass 676) has a ‘No further stay condition’, they cannot apply for a visitor visa (subclass 600).

An applicant will be granted a visitor visa (subclass 600) only if:

  • The applicant has substantially complied with the conditions of their previous visa
  • The applicant meets all the eligibility criteria for visa subclass 600
  • The applicant does not have a Condition 8503 (‘No further stay’) on their visa.

If an applicant holds a visitor visa or a working holiday visa, their stay in Australia can only be extended so that the total duration of the stay is 12 months or less, unless there are exceptional circumstances to permit otherwise. One must always contact their nearest Australian visa office before applying for another visa or seek expert advice from migration agents and consultants for an alternative and appropriate course of action.

When making a successful visa application, an applicant must ensure correct and complete information is provided as set by the visa processing conditions. All the eligibility requirements must be adequately supported by documentary evidence, and the application form should be cross-checked in all respects. The visa application process is not an easy task; it requires an understanding of complex interlinked conditions and migration laws. Applicants interested in applying for a visa can get in touch with our experienced consultants to ensure a favorable outcome.

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