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Subclass 157 Three Month Resident Return Visa

The Subclass 157 Visa is generally known as an Australian Resident Return Visa. This visa is for permanent residents in the country who wish to travel in and out of the country. The purpose of this visa to authorise eligible persons who are or have been permanent residents or citizens of Australia to come back to the country as permanent residents.

The permanent residence status does not expire if you remain in Australia 5 years after receiving the visa. However, to depart and return to the country, a valid travel visa is required. Subclass 155 and Subclass 157 (Australian Resident Return Visa) provide the extension on the country’s permanent visa holder’s traveling validity.

Who Can Apply for a Resident Return Subclass 157 Visa?

The following individuals can apply for Resident Return Subclass 157 Visa:

  • A permanent resident of the country
  • Previous permanent resident of the nation (permanent visa was not canceled)
  • Former Australian citizen who lost or renounced their citizenship

Why Apply for a Resident Return Subclass 157 Visa?

The Subclass 157 Visa is a permanent visa that facilitates the holder of this visa to travel to and from the country for three months from the date this visa is granted to the permanent residents. The applicant can apply for an Australian resident return visa either from inside or outside of the country.

However, suppose the applicant is outside of the country, and their travel validity from their original access expires. In that case, they must apply for a resident return visa and get it granted to return to Australia. We at E-help Consultancy understand the relevance of all your queries, as we know how important it is to secure a valid visa. Contact us regarding any query or book an appointment with our experienced Subclass 157 immigration agent to know about the resident return visa and its processing time.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Resident Return Subclass 157 Visa

To apply for a Resident Return Visa Subclass 157, the applicant must be either a permanent resident, a former permanent resident of Australia (whose last permanent visa was not canceled), or an Australian citizen who has lost or renounced their citizenship.

The applicant must have spent at least one day in the country but less than two years in the previous five years as the holder of a permanent visa or a lawful citizen. However, the applicant must provide pieces of evidence related to their irrefutable reasons to leave the country.

Alternatively, the candidate should be a close relative of the holder of a Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 or who has applied for a Resident Return Visa Subclass 157 and is eligible for it.

In case the candidate who wishes to apply for the Resident Return Visa is offshore for more than three subsequent months, they have to provide evidence of having compelling reasons for their absense.

Candidates who are applying for an Offshore Resident Return Subclass 157 Visa must meet the Department of Home Affairs’ unique return criteria for this purpose. As the visa requirements are specific and processing is complicated, it becomes cumbersome for one individual to submit the complex visa application.

To more information and quick resident return visa processing, get in touch with our expert Subclass 157 immigration agent. We assure quality in your application to secure a favourable decision on any category of visa application.

The candidate must comply with Australian laws and must meet the character requirements of the concerned visa category.

How to Apply for a Resident Return Subclass 157 Visa

The primary step towards filing the visa application is to ensure that the visa applicant holds a valid passport. If you need a new passport, it would be advisable to get it before starting the immigration application process.

The second step of collecting and preparing the documentation is the most crucial step towards preparing the visa application. Complete knowledge of the application procedure and eligibility is required to compile a visa application. Our professionals at E-Help can solve all your specific or general queries. We can also help in collecting the necessary documentary evidence. Contact our Subclass 157 immigration agents for a secured and hassle-free visa journey.

The next step is to fill the visa application. The application must not contain any false information. The details of the application form must not be contradictory and must align with the documentary evidence. The application form needs to be submitted along with a requisite fee. If the visa application fees are not paid in full, the Department might not consider your application. Upon successfully submitting the visa application form, a notification will be sent to the applicant.

The decision for the Resident Return Subclass 157 Visa is communicated to the applicant on their registered postal address. In case of rejection, the reasons thereof are also stated in the communication mail. To make your visa immigration process quicker, talk to our Subclass 157 immigration agents. Other than this, we also offer graduate visaskill shortage visa, partner visastudent visa and more.

Resident Return Visa Processing Time

The resident return visa processing time varies from individual to individual based on the nature of the application and the evidence provided.

In an ideal scenario, when the residence requirements and other specified requirements are met, the resident return visa processing time is five working days from the day the application is filed.

When the residence requirements or other specified conditions are not met, it might take a longer period of time (approx. 12 weeks). There are several reasons as to why it might take a long time for a decision to be made regarding the Resident Return Subclass 157 Visa application. These reasons are:

  • When the application is not filled correctly
  • When all the relevant documentary evidence is not attached
  • When all the information is not consistent
  • When the documents need further verification

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