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Skilled Visa- Permanent Residency

Australia is one of the most sought-after countries for individuals who want to immigrate. The country has innumerable qualified professionals flocking towards its stable economic environment. The immigration process in the country is maintained and structured by the Department of Home Affairs. In an effort to reduce the processing time, the Department has streamlined its visa application process. While the country has a diverse range of immigration access open to the world, its skilled visa program is the most common category.

The skilled migration structure of the visa processing has led to the opening up of a plethora of choices for efficient professionals who wish to migrate to the Country. By means of a skilled visa program, the country is offering an immense number of opportunities to talented workers or professionals. There are various visa categories and segments for a diverse range of skills and competencies.

There are certain specific skills that are required in the country and are in shortage in the Australian market. To overcome this, the Australian government invites foreign skilled individuals to the country to practice their specific skills for the benefit of the country’s economy as well as the individual’s personal growth. A skilled permanent residence visa is structured for those individuals who possess a particular talent and wish to migrate to the country permanently. The permanent skilled program for immigration to Australia is a points-based process and is either state/territory sponsored independent or family-sponsored access. Point’s criteria are assessed during the invitation process. Every single requirement has a point attached to it; generally, the factors that considered for testing your points are-

  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Overseas work Experience
  • Australian Experience
  • Overseas Qualifications
  • Australian Study
  • Partner skills
  • Stay or study in a regional area

Points determine the eligibility of permanent migration access to the country. If an individual is under 50 and has adequate work experience and proficient English language ability, his/her chances of securing higher points are more. However, the decision on a visa grant is also dependent on the demand and availability of the particular skill set concerned. A permanent visa has far more benefits than a temporary visa. It is allowed to the non-citizens of the country. The holders of a permanent visa can stay and work in the country in their respective areas of interest for an indefinite period of time. The possessor of a permanent visa can avail the benefits of health insurance from the country’s government. A permanent resident usually enjoys most of the entitlements and benefits of a citizen in the country. However, the rights of the permanent residents are subject to the conditions of the visa granted to them. A permanent resident has a pathway to apply for citizenship if found eligible.

A permanent resident is free to live, work, and study without restrictions in Australia. They enjoy almost the same rights and entitlements as a citizen; however, there are some minute differences:

  • A citizen gets an automatic right of entry to the Country, whereas if a permanent resident chooses to travel outside Australia, they are required to do so within the stipulations of their travel facility allotted with the visa.
  • A citizen gets the right to cast a vote in Australian Government elections. Usually, a permanent resident visa holder is not entitled to such a right. However, if they later apply for citizenship on being eligible, they may become an Australian citizen.

To apply for a permanent visa, an individual must ensure that their respective occupation is listed in the country’s skilled occupation list. To fill the country’s skill shortage, a list of all the required occupations is maintained by the Department for eligible candidates to apply under different visa types. Skilled Immigration access is designed for efficient professionals who are qualified to work or train with respect to the specialised occupation as per the list. For any individual to initialise their permanent residence visa process under-skilled program, he/she must ensure to select their appropriate visa category on the basis of their eligibility and personal profile.

The permanent residency pathways have different visa categories to offer and are streamlined by the Department to follow a strict procedure for assessing one’s credentials and PR points. The assessment of the credentials for a skilled visa is evaluated more thoroughly in a permanent visa than a temporary visa. For legal permanent access to the country, one must ensure that they meet all the pre-requisites and post-grant abide by all the visa conditions

For skilled permanent residence, the access criteria can be classified into –

Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa– Subclass 189 is for those individuals or New Zealand citizens who possess the skills, which are required by the country. For the subclass 189 visa, the candidate does not need a sponsor. Subclass 189 can again be classified into two units:

Points Tested Stream- This stream can be availed when the skilled individuals have the required points as required by the Department and are under 45 years of age. The applicant must obtain at least the minimum required points as set out by the Department to be able to apply for points tested stream (currently, it is 65 points or more).

New Zealand Stream- This stream is meant for those eligible New Zealand citizens who have shown their immense commitment towards Australia and holds a special category visa. The eligible New Zealand Citizens must have lived in Australia for at least five years to demonstrate their contribution to the Country.

Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated visa– This visa category is for those individuals who have relevant skills and are nominated by any of any State or Territory of the country to stay and work in the Country. The eligible skills, as required by the States or Territories of the Country, are assessed by means of both qualification and experience. As it is points tested visa category, the applicant must secure the required points to be eligible for this immigration category.

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