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Australia is among the top-most business-friendly countries in the world. It ranks 10th in the world in ease of doing business. The democratic setup of the country and a ‘fair dinkum’ philosophy of the Government believes in giving a fair chance to everyone. Australia beckons to business and offers several opportunities and support mechanisms to individuals or entities wanting to conduct business in the country.

The Australian Government is aware of the correlation between migrant entrepreneurship and economic development, and the Government is now adopting strategies to entice the migrants’ entrepreneurial innovations. The Government has revamped its business talent visa program and has introduced the Australian Business Innovation and Investment scheme and Distinguished Talent visa scheme, to which foreign entrepreneurs of promising business can commit to executing their businesses under a better environment.

The visa subclasses are designed for entrepreneurs or businesspersons who wish to invest in an existing business or launch a new enterprise/business in Australia. The applicants must have a genuine intention and earnest commitment to participate in the Australian market. The Government grants permanent residency through the said programs for investors who invest a substantial amount of capital and meet several other important requirements.

All the States and Territories in Australia have excellent investment opportunities and business prospects. The States invite and welcome those interested in owning and managing a new or existing business that has the capacity to create jobs and deliver exceptional economic benefit to the State. For subclass 132 Business Talent visa, a State nomination is a must. Each of the business visas devised under the Business Talent scheme requires a different size of capital, proof of knowledge of English, and a business plan.

The business talent visa program helps in boosting the economy of the country since the visa subclasses provide a gateway to eligible entrepreneurs and business owners to operate and flourish in the country. Australian business visa is the ultimate answer to all the queries of foreign entrepreneurs or talented individuals with the right skills and calibre who are willing to enter new horizons to explore business opportunities.

The Australian business visas are designed to help eligible individuals with business interests to grow and expand in the country, thereby contributing to the stability of the Australian economy as well. Business talent visas in the country can be further classified as –

Subclass 124- Distinguished Talent visa This is an offshore visa category for people who have an internationally recognized record for outstanding achievement in an eligible field. This is a permanent visa category for the exceptional talent record holders. The eligible stream of talent could be –

  • Profession
  • Sport
  • Academia
  • Arts
  • Research

This visa category might serve as the first stage for the application of citizenship in the country.

Subclass 858- Distinguished Talent visa This visa category is structured for talented individuals who have secured an internationally recognized record for outstanding achievement in an eligible field. This is a permanent visa category for the exceptional talent record holders. The eligible stream of talent could be –

  • Profession
  • Sport
  • Academia
  • Arts
  • Research

To be eligible to secure a positive decision under the subclass 858 visa, the applicant must be able to contribute to the Nation in any form.

The contribution could be in the form of –

  • Economic
  • Social
  • Cultural or
  • Educational

Subclass 132- Business Talent visa This visa category is for people who wish to establish a new business or develop an existing one in the country. This visa is for those people who are nominated by the State or Territory Government for applying for the visa. Hence, filing of Expression of Interest is indispensable for this visa category. This is a permanent visa category which can be further classified into-

  • Significant Business History Stream- This stream is designed for successful business owners or entrepreneurs to maintain and operate a new or existing business in the country. They must be able to demonstrate their relevant business skills and expertise.
  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream- This stream is for those eligible people who have secured venture capital funding for their business from a member of the Australian Investment Council. The funding so secured must be at least AUD 1 million.

Australian business visas are currently very popular among entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for a better quality of life, seamless social benefits, and a stable market. To mark their eligibility under the Australian point system, one can easily navigate through various categories of business visas available in the country. The Department of Home Affairs has made tremendous efforts to make the visa application and processing system transparent in the country. With the changing global landscape and advancement of the economy, the Department has designed several business category immigration accesses approachable to the world at large.

If you are also looking for Australian immigration, grab this opportunity to live your dream. Talk to our specialist immigration agent/ visa consultant for all your queries. We will be more than happy to guide you through the stringent visa application process and requirements to fulfil all the immigration conditions for a successful visa processing. The general processing time for a business talent visa in the country is dependent upon several internal and external factors.

The Department may seek extra information from both the candidates and external agencies for the assessment of a Business visa. The extent and system of assessment of visa application forms are more thorough for a permanent visa than a temporary visa. The candidate should consider the high processing time of a business application visa before applying for the respective visa category. For detailed information on business visa processing time and fast track methods of processing, get in touch with our expert immigration agents/ visa consultants.

To obtain a positive decision on (business talent) visa application form, the candidate must be able to prove their genuine intent to stay in the country and maintain the existing or new business in the country for a continuous period of time. The candidate must ensure they are able to demonstrate their commitment towards the business for which the business talent visa is applied for.

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