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Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. There are very few cities to have a beach right in the middle and Brisbane is one such beautiful landscape. Detached houses with lush green gardens and the Brisbane River flows through the heart of a city, Brisbane is the Sunshine state of Australia. This city is quieter than major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

Clean and beautiful beaches and sub-tropical climate form the best combination for spending quality time with family and friends.

Brisbane offers a perfect combination of work and personal life balance. Its sub-tropical climate and dynamic economy attract a large number of migrants every year.

With a population of over two million people, this spacious city is host to a lot of foreigners from UK, New Zealand, Asian countries, Middle East and North Africa. Only 1% of the population is aboriginal Australians in the city. Most migrants find Brisbane a friendly place to settle with a lot of friendly locals.

Fun weekends, good food and a happening nightlife are just an hour away with Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast only a short drive away. Helpful, friendly and happy locals make Brisbane riverbank markets at the center of the city are a treat to enjoy with family and friends alike. The lovely parks with a free burner for anyone and everyone to barbeque food on making Brisbane a long-term city where one can plan to live in for a long time.

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