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Subclass 114 Aged Dependent Relative Visa

The Subclass 114 Visa is more popularly known as the Aged Dependent Relative Visa. This immigration process is suitable for those who are single, aged, and dependent on their relatives, who are permanent residents/citizens of Australia or eligible citizens of New Zealand.

The Australian relative or the eligible New Zealand citizen of the applicant must be over 18 years of age. The Australian Dependent 114 Visa is structured for the aged relatives of the Australian citizen/permanent residence or eligible New Zealand citizens who wish to permanently move to the country.

In case the applicant wants to visit the country for a particular period of time, then a separate visa category needs to be applied. To acquire more designated guidance on Australia Dependent 114 Visas, contact E-Help Consultancy 114 Visa immigration agents.

Who Can Apply for a Subclass 114 Aged Dependent Relative Visa?

The Australia Dependent 114 Visa is an offshore visa, which means it is specifically for those applicants who are not living in the country at the time of filling the application for the concerned immigration category. The Aged Dependent Visa also requires the Australian relative of the applicant to act as the sponsor of the required aged dependent relative. The applicant must prove that they are dependent on their Australian relative and have been receiving their support for at least three years before applying under this category. For more information on your specific query, connect to our 114 Visa immigration agent now.

When the applicant is a single individual and is of an age to become a genuine pension holder (Australian pension age), they can apply for this visa segment to migrate overseas. Through the Dependent Parent Visa in Australia, the Department of Home Affairs facilitates these offshore dependent relatives of the individuals who are permanent residents of the country or eligible citizens of New Zealand with a chance to stay in the country and spend time with their nearest relatives permanently. An applicant’s family members under the Subclass 114 Visa may also be eligible to apply because of their family relationship with the visa applicant.

Applying for immigration is a difficult task and demands adequate skills for successful processing. Our 114 Visa consultants are more than happy to guide you through a positive migration process.

Other than this, We also offer temporary graduate visaskill shortage visa, student visa, partner Visa 820 and more. For any information, please contact us.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for the Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 114 (Offshore)?

As the Australia Dependent 114 Visa provides its holder with the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the future, several required conditions need to be met for the applicant to get a favourable decision on the Australia Dependent 114 Visa application.

To be eligible to apply for this visa, the applicant should belong to a specified age group. The essential criteria are to be of the age where one can become a genuine pensioner or less, in cases where the person applying for the immigration visa is disabled and have adequate documentary evidence to prove their disability. To know more about age limits for 114 Dependent Parent Visas (Australia), get in touch with our 114 Visa consultants.

To apply under the Australia Dependent 114 visa category, the dependent relative who is applying for immigration should have an eligible sponsor (18 years or above). The sponsor is required to assure the Australian Government that they would undertake the aged immigrant’s financial requirements (if any). The sponsor should also take the responsibility of fulfilling the accommodation and day-to-day needs of the dependent relative during their stay in the country. Hence, the applicant should be dependent on the Australian relative for his/her basic needs.

To comply with the Aged Dependent 114 Visa criteria, the applicant should be single and located offshore. Thus, at the time of applying for the Australia Dependent 114 Visa, the aged dependent relative should not be staying in the country and should not have a spouse or de facto partner. For a detailed counseling session on your Aged Dependent Relative Visa, contact our professional 114 Visa consultant.
The applicant and any of their family members who apply for the visa must meet the Department of Home Affairs’ health and character requirements to be granted a visa to the country.

Furthermore, the conditions required vary from applicant to applicant and their individual situation. For an easy and quick overview of the Australia Dependent 114 Visas, talk to our 114 visa consultant at +61 7 3172 4965.

Why to Apply for an Aged Dependent Relative Visa under Subclass 114 (Offshore)

The Australia Dependent 114 Visa facilitates its holders with certain benefits, which makes this migration method one of the most sought after immigration visas. Under this route, the Dependent Parent Visa for Australia provides the aged offshore relative with a permanent chance to migrate to the country.

This migration method also allows the applicant to sponsor eligible relatives to come to Australia. The Dependent Parent Visa to Australia is a permanent migration method; it provides the holder of this visa with several benefits. To know more about permanent visa categories and their benefits, talk to our 114 Visa consultant.

The holder of the Dependent Parent Visa for Australia is also eligible to apply for the government’s health care services. The aged dependent relative has the right to travel to and from Australia as many times as they wish for five years. Applying for a visa is a daunting task; our immigration experts would help make the journey smoother for you. To make any inquiries, consult with our 114 visa consultant at +61 7 3172 4965.

As the permission to stay in Australia under this category is permanent in nature, the Australia dependent 114 visa allows the visa holder to apply for permanent residence to the country if the required conditions are met in the future.

Aged Parent Visa Subclass 114 Checklist

Before you start applying for the Subclass 144 visa, here are some documents you need to make sure you do not miss out on:

  • Passport
  • You must submit a valid copy of your passport’s information pages or other identification documents. The documents can be an ID card or certificate of the name change.

  • Application Form
  • Filling out the visa application form and sending it with the rest of the documents is essential.

  • Sponsor Documents
  • Your sponsor will be required to fill out a form to provide your visa application and the documents to prove their residency status in Australia.

  • Proof Of Dependency
  • Documents such as bank statements, money transfer slips or rent receipts that prove that you are financially dependent on your sponsor are necessary to be provided

  • Evidence of Your Relationship With Sponsor
  • Along with the application, documents that prove that you are genuinely related to your sponsors, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate or adoption papers, may be required.

  • Proof Of Good Character
  • Depending on your application, you will be informed by the Department of Home Affairs if and when you are required to submit a character proof. It is only to be submitted when asked to do so and not otherwise.

Processing Time for Offshore Australia Dependent 114 Visa

The processing time of the offshore subclass 114 (aged dependent relative) visa is not fixed as the application’s decision is taken under a first-come-first-serve basis.
The Department of Home Affairs may also put capping limits for different visa categories each year. Applicants are likely to wait in a queue for visas that have reached their capping limit until more visa places become available. The processing time may be longer for a relative visa, and the applicant must continue to meet visa requirements.

For a trouble-free pathway to make a Dependent 114 Visa application, contact our 114 visa immigration agent.

How to Apply for Subclass 114 (Aged Dependent Relative) Visa

To apply for a Dependent Parent Visa Australia 114, the applicant must ensure that all the required eligibility criteria are met. As the process of applying for a visa is highly complex and requires expert knowledge, visit our 114 Visa immigration agent or contact us for an expert opinion on your visa application process.

The application for this visa category should be complete in all respects and should be accompanied by all the necessary documents required as evidence. If any of the documents are not consistent or satisfactory, it might lead to rejection of the application.

Applicants who wish to migrate to Australia under the Subclass 114 Aged Dependent Relative Visa should duly fill the application with requisite fees while submitting the form.

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The immigration process is highly dependent on expert knowledge for its positive processing. Our 114 Visa immigration agents are both qualified and experienced individuals who have adequate expertise to facilitate the smooth functioning of your Dependent Parent Visa Australia 114. For all your queries, please contact us.


1Who Can Sponsor an Aged Dependent Visa?

For an individual to be a sponsor for an Aged Dependant Visa, they should meet the below criteria:

  • Make sure the sponsor is 18 years of age or older.
  • They must already be a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident of Australia, or a citizen of an eligible foreign country.
  • They should be a resident of Australia.
2How to Apply for an Aged Dependent Visa?

To apply for an Aged Dependent, simply follow the steps provided below:

  1. Check whether you fulfil the eligibility criteria for the visa and can apply for it.
  2. Fill out the application form for the visa and pay the first instalment.
  3. Your application will then be assessed and placed in a queue.
  4. Wait for a vacant place in the queue
  5. Your application will be re-evaluated once there is a vacancy.
  6. Pay the second instalment of the fees.
  7. Wait for a decision to arrive on your visa application.

In case of any queries or issues, you can contact our agents at E-Help to guide you through the application process.

3What is the difference between an Aged Dependent Relative Visa 114 and 883?

A significant difference between Visa 114 and subclass 883 is that you must be outside Australia to apply for visa 114. If you apply for subclass 883, you must be present in Australia both when your application is received and when a decision is made.

4Is Aged Dependent Visa Permanent?

Yes. The dependent individual can stay in Australia permanently, provided you are granted a visa. You also get the privilege of Australia’s Medicare and the freedom to study and work in Australia.

5What is an age-dependent resident visa in Australia?

The Age-Dependent Resident Visa allows a single older individual to reside permanently in Australia, given that they are financially dependent on a relative living in Australia.

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