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Family Visa

Family visas in Australia have been designed to provide a pathway for family members to sponsor their parents, children, spouse, or partner to be with them in Australia. There are several options to bring your family members to the country. If you plan to migrate to Australia, you can bring your family with you to the country on your visa. Family visa stream is generally for citizens or permanent residents in the country or an eligible New Zealand citizen, who can sponsor their family to visit the country and settle with them. Australia has a wide range of visa choices to offer to the world at large to settle in the country and bring their family members with them.

Family visa in Australia can be further classified as-

Parent Visa- The parent visa stream under the family visas is used when one’s children are Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. Your children or their eligible partners can sponsor your parent’s visa to Australia. Under this stream, the definition of a parent includes-

  • Biological Parent
  • Legal Parent
  • Adoptive Parent
  • Step-Parent Or
  • Parent-In-Law

Partner or Spouse Visa- A partner or spouse visa in Australia is framed to authorize an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live together in the country. This also includes same-sex couples. To apply for a partner visa under any stream, the following visa pre-requirements needs to be met-

  • The applicant and their Australian spouse/ partner should commit to a shared life as husband and wife, whether or not they are legally married, to the exclusion of all others.
  • The relationship must be genuine and continuing.
  • The applicant and their Australian partner/ spouse live together or don’t live separately and apart permanently.
  • Unless legally married, the applicant and their Australian partner must have been in a relationship for the last 12 months, which usually involves demonstrating that you have lived together during this period.
  • Generally, both the candidate and their Australian partner need to be aged 18 or over.

For partner visa processing, de-facto partners are-

  • Not married to each other.
  • Committed to a shared life with each other (to the exclusion of all others).
  • Not related by family.
  • Living together or do not live or intend to live separately and apart permanently.

Relative Visa- Relative visa is specifically designed for individuals who have their only near relatives settled in Australia. Relative visas are usually based on a close family relationship with an eligible relative/sponsor residing in Australia. For this visa, the visa applicant must be aged (66 years at least) and financially dependent on a relative who resides in Australia, or they or their partner’s only remaining relatives are in Australia, and they wish to reside with them. For a relative visa to Australia, you can only be sponsored by/related to a person who is:

  • An Australian citizen, or
  • An Australian permanent resident, or
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen

Children Visa- Children visa stream is available for the dependent/adopted/orphaned children of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens.

The child applicant must be under 25, but if aged 18 or over, the child must be a full-time student and dependent on the sponsoring parent. Child visa stream is designed to allow the children of a settled eligible Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to bring their children with them to the country. Both onshore and offshore visa options are available for the child visa. For the purpose of a child visa, child includes

  • Biological child
  • Stepchild
  • Adopted Child

For migration to Australia, under the family visa stream, the visa subclasses are designed under:

The Temporary Scheme- This scheme is designed to allow the family members (parents, partner, children, relative) of the Australian sponsor to visit the country and stay with them for a specified time and work in the country based on the visa conditions.

The Permanent Scheme- This scheme is designed to allow the family members (parents, partner, children, relative) of the Australian sponsor to visit the country and with them permanently. A permanent resident is entitled to almost the same benefits as a citizen of the country, with a few minor exceptions.

The usual processing time for a family visa is high due to a large volume of visa applications. The processing time for a family visa category depends on the applicant’s personal profile and visa requirements. The processing time may be high if the Department seeks additional information or asks for additional documentary evidence. The may Department may seek extra information from both the applicants and external agencies. The assessment procedure and conditions for a permanent visa is more thorough than a temporary visa category. It is suggested to consider the processing time while applying for a family visa.

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