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Moving to Australia? Here Are Few Things to Keep in Mind

March 3, 2021

Moving to Australia? Here Are Few Things to Keep in Mind

Whether it is for work, marriage, study or any other purpose that you are moving to Australia, E-help consultancy and migration service provider says there are a few things you need to know. Be prepared. Always. Good things first: Australian cities are consistently ranked under the top 30 for best quality of life.

  • Australia is expensive. Apart from the flight and visa expense, living there is equally costly. From renting a home to car, the expensive can go pretty high unless and until you live far away from the city area (rural places I would say).
  • Australia is very huge. It is a very big place. Massive. It measures more than three million square miles. Think before you plan on taking a road trip!
  • Weather and sun. Australian weather is varying across the country. The climate is usually tropical at Brisbane while at Melbourne you can experience four seasons a day. Additionally, during summers it gets really hot. (expect 40 degrees) The ozone layer above Australia is very thin. Hence, it is recommended to apply sunscreen, wear hats and full sleeved clothes. (probably a shirt)
  • Bushfires are very common. Around 50,000 fires every year. High temperatures, strong winds, and Australia’s naturally dry vegetation acts as fuel for the fire. A lightning storm is all that it takes to destroy vast parts of rural Australia. Make sure you regularly clear fallen leaves and branches or natural debris around your house.
  • Smoking duty is exorbitantly high. Rather highest in the world. Smokers pay US$ 0.7 of tax per cigarette in Australia. Furthermore, every September until 2020, the tax rate is predicted to increase by 12.5%. A pack of cigarette costs around US$ 20 if you are living in Sydney or Melbourne.
  • Healthcare is free. Go Medicare. Provided you are a permanent Australian resident. The residents pay for it via taxes which is 2% of their incomes but this is a lot cheaper than private healthcare. The ambulance rides are not free so its best to get ambulance insurance or take a bus if the situation permits.
  • Keep left. In Australia, you will find that people not only drive on the left but even walk on the left side. Walking on the right side is not a crime but its unusual. You don’t want to look like an idiot. Do you?
  • Iconic Kangaroos. Not really. Kangaroos seem to cause havoc in Australia. (population size: almost 50 million) Not only it is disturbing the ecosystem, but they regularly cause crashes on roads. They are also the most featured item on the restaurant menu.

And that’s a wrap! Keep this few handy tips in mind and Australia will turn out to be the best place on the planet. Exotic location, lots of beer, and a nurturing lifestyle.

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