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Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) Visa

This visa is for a spouse/de facto partner or prospective partner of citizens/permanent residents of Australia. It is also applicable to qualified citizens of New Zealand who are permanently residing in Australia. If one has an offshore partner visa, which is temporary, they can apply for a permanent partner visa in Australia under subclass 100. The Partner (Provisional & Migrant) (subclass 309/100) can be lodged in a combined application form too. The subclass 309 visa, which is a temporary provisional visa, is granted first, which permits the applicant to reside in Australia for two years and apply for the subclass 100 partner visa to Australia during that time.

Applying for a partner visa to Australia is not an easy task, which makes the expertise of immigration consultants essential. For more information, please contact us.

Who Can Apply for a Subclass 100 Partner Visa

The subclass 100 is a permanent partner visa structured specifically for the spouse or de facto partners or prospective partner of an Australian permanent resident or an eligible citizen of New Zealand who is permanently residing in Australia. It marks the final stage for those who are applying under the offshore application program.

Married Couples

For the purpose of this partner visa, the marriage needs to be legally valid as per the laws prevailing in Australia. In the case where the marriage did not take place inside the country, it should have legal recognition as per the laws of Australia.

The marriage between the applicant and the Australian partner should be genuine in all aspects. The applicant and the Australian partner must live together. In cases where the applicant and the Australian partner live separately, it should not be on a permanent basis. Both partners should be committed to leading a shared life, like a married couple. The marriage should be continuing in all aspects; called off marriages are not qualified for a subclass 100 partner visa.

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De Facto Partners

A de facto relationship does not have any legal documents in support of it. However, adequate evidence (documented and non-documented) is of utmost necessity to support the processing of an application under the subclass 100 partner visa. The applicant and their Australian partner should be permanent partners living together, and if they are living separately, it should not be on a permanent basis. To have more clear knowledge on the partner visa to Brisbane and Gold Coast, consult our migration agent at +61 7 3172 4965.

Both the applicant and the Australian partner should have a mutual agreement to a shared life and to the exclusion of all others. Under the partner migration conditions for application criteria, one of the basic requirements of the de facto relationship is that the applicant and the Australian partner should not be closely associated with each other in terms of family relationships. In order to be eligible to be called a de facto relationship for a subclass 100 partner (migrant) visa, the relationship must have existed for at least 12 months.

Conditions for De Facto Partners

To apply for a sub-class 100 partner visa under the arrangement of a de facto relationship, the following conditions are required:

  • The de facto relationship must be registered with any of the Australian State or Territory.
  • The sponsor has filed for the application of a permanent humanitarian immigration procedure.
  • The Australian partner is/was a holder of a permanent humanitarian visa and has registered the current de facto relationship with the Department of Home Affairs at the time of application of his/her humanitarian visa.
  • The applicant can substantiate his/her claim to apply for a migration application form in a situation supported by a compelling state of affairs.
  • The applicant may also include children born under the de facto relationship who are dependent and do not hold a subclass 309 visa.
  • The applicant may also include any members of the family unit in their application. However, the family members must be eligible as per the health and other requirements of the visa.

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Conditions for Subclass 100 Partner Visa

Domestic Responsibilities

Both the applicant and the Australian partner should share their household responsibilities and should be equally liable for organising their day-to-day living requirements together as permanent partners.

Social Relationship

One of the major conditions of the subclass 100 visa for a de facto relationship is its social status. The extent to which the relationship is known to the inner circle and associates of the applicant and the Australian partner is also taken into consideration for the decision of the application.

The Extent of Commitment

The extent to which both parties are committed to each other plays a crucial role in deciding the application results. While the application is being processed, the authorities investigate whether the relationship is long-term de facto, married, or that of permanent partners, and hence, it necessitates the proper assistance from partner visa consultants.

Financial Commitments

The status of sharing of financial commitments, joint or individual ownership of property, and pooling of financial assets are of significant value to the decision-making authority specifically for de facto relationship.

For more insight into the eligibility and other conditions, such as visa points, reach out to our leading partner visa consultants.

How to Apply for Subclass 100 Partner Visa

In most cases, applicants for subclass 100 partner visas are required to hold a temporary partner (provisional) visa subclass 309 first. The subclass 309-100 visa is a dual visa for offshore applicants. When an applicant applies for a permanent partner visa, the process of the application of a visa requires two connected visas. The applicant first needs to apply for a subclass 309 visa, which serves as a provisional visa. Two years after the applicant has submitted their subclass 309 visa application, the applicant can apply for subclass 100, a permanent partner visa.

While applying with the Department of Home Affairs, the application should be complete and correct. The application form must accompany the required documented pieces of evidence, failing which the application will be regarded as invalid. As a result, the applicant will have to re-apply for the subclass 100 partner visa to meet the required conditions. The following documents are required for the application for the subclass 100 permanent visa:

  • Documentation confirming the applicant’s identity (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
  • Relationship evidence documents
  • At least two Form 888s (statutory declaration from witnesses confirming the relationship is genuine)
  • Written declaration on facts from both the applicant and the Australian partner
  • Relationship registration certificate (if applicable)

Several other documents are also required depending on the status and the circumstances of the relationship. As a partner visa has many requirements, you will need the help of a partner visa consultant. Our partner visa migration agents are a popular choice for applying for a partner visa in Brisbane.

Processing Time for Subclass 100 Partner Visa

The processing time of a subclass 100 partner visa depends on the complexity of the circumstances, the nature of the evidence produced, and the eligibility requirements of the particular visa class. Moreover, the general timeframe for the announcements of a decision on the subclass 100 permanent partner visa in a usual scenario is approximately 1.5 years to 2.5 years. Our partner visa migration agents are just a call away if you wish to apply for a partner visa in a hassle-free speedy manner. You can contact us online or call us at +61 7 3172 4965.

Why Apply for a Subclass 100 Partner Visa?

The subclass 100 partner visa gives you the opportunity to stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time, to work and study in the country, travel to and from Australia, and to get yourselves enrolled for the public health care scheme. It also creates a platform for the applicant to be able to apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible. E-Help Consultancy can provide you with an excellent partner visa consultant who would ease your journey of securing a partner visa.

Sponsorship for Subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa

The Australian partner of the applicant needs to file a sponsorship undertaking for the applicant, taking responsibility for the applicant towards the Australian government and its citizens. The sponsor undertakes the obligations to meet all the financial requirements of the applicant during their stay in the country towards the Australian government. The sponsor undertakes the obligation to support all the financial commitments required for the accommodation and daily needs of the applicant, including their children (if applicable).

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