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Subclass 485 Visa Temporary Graduate Visa

The Subclass 485 Visa, commonly known as the temporary resident visa (Australia 485), is designed for international students that wish to stay and study in Australia. This visa gives the holder the right to study or work (after completing the study) in Australia. This visa category has two main streams:

  • Graduate work stream and
  • Post-study work stream.

Why Apply for Temporary Resident Visa (Australia 485)?

Graduate Work Stream Visa: This is a temporary visa for international students who have freshly graduated and lets you-

  • Stay in the country for up to 18 months (or up to five years for Hong Kong passport holders).
  • Bring your family to the country with you.
  • Study or work (full time) in the country temporarily.

Post-study Work Stream Visa: This visa category is aimed at international students who have recently graduated from an Australian institution and hold a degree. With this visa, you can –

  • Stay in the country for two to four years (or up to five years for Hong Kong passport holders).
  • Bring your family to Australia with you.
  • Study or work in the country (full time) temporarily.

To know in detail about the specific 485 visa requirements and benefits, contact our 458 visa consultants. E-Help is one of the leading agents for a temporary graduate visa in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

What are the Subclass 485 Visa Requirements?

To be eligible to apply for a temporary graduate visa you must meet all of the 485 visa requirements and criteria. If you do not fulfill these requirements then it is likely that your application will be rejected. These conditions include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The applicant must hold a degree from an Australian instution.
  • The particular qualification of the candidate should satisfy the specific occupation requirement of the government.
  • For the post graduate Visa, the capability must be a CRICOS registered course. (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students).
  • The applicant must be younger than 50 to apply for the subclass 485 visa
  • The applicant must meet all of the 485 visa health requirements
  • The applicants must fulfill the character conditions of the visa, as set out by the department. A police check may also be required for the family members (whose names are included in the visa application.)
  • To apply for the successful temporary graduate visa in Brisbane, the candidate must satisfy the English language conditions in Pearson Tests, IELTS, or Occupational English Test.
  • For graduate work stream access, a successful skill assessment test is also required
  • The candidates must ensure that they apply for their temporary resident visa (485) before the expiry of six months from the date of completion of their course.

Valid health insurance is required for 485 visa processing. The insurance cover should provide basic health coverage to the applicant and their family members (named in the application form for temporary graduate visa) for the period of the visa processing and till the validity of the 485 visa. Our 485 visa immigration agent can also help you get the best possible offers from the industry’s leading partners.

The 485 visa requirements are stringent, and the expert knowledge of a 485 visa immigration agent is a prerequisite for a successful temporary resident visa 485 visa application. Contact us or call us at 1300 92 33 22 for booking your post-graduate visa in Brisbane.

Temporary Resident Visa (Subclass 485) Processing Time

Processing times for the Graduate Work Stream Visa vary, however, on average:

  • 75% of the visa applications are processed in approximatelyfive months.
  • 90% of the visa applications are processed in approximately six months.

If you are applying for a Post-study Work Stream Visa:

  • The processing time for almost 75% of the visa applications is approximately fifty-sixty days.
  • The processing time for almost 90% of the visa applications is approximately six months.

Sometimes processing may take longer than usual if:

  • The applicant has not provided all of the relevant evidence in line with the 485 visa requirements.
  • The department needs further clarification on any specific area.
  • The pieces of evidence are not in line with the facts of the application form.
  • The health and character requirements are not fully met for the applicant and the family members.
  • The department takes more time the verifying the fact or the documents of the visa applications.
  • There are changes in the occupational requirement of the states or territory.

Our 485 visa consultant can help you reduce your processing time by honoring all the 485 visa requirements for your application and gathering necessary proof on your behalf. As no one-size-fits-all solution is available to anyone for any immigration access, we suggest you book an appointment with our (Subclass 485) visa immigration agent for any query, specific or general. contact us.

How to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (Subclass 485)

The essential step towards initiating any visa application is to ensure that the applicant and all family members listed on the visa application form hold a valid passport. Further, if a new passport is required, it is recommended you secure a new passport prior to submitting your application for a hassle-free process.

The candidate must be aware of the (485) visa requirements to file a successful visa application with the department. All documentary evidence must be collected and checked correctly before submitting the application form.

Once the application is complete it can be submitted to the Department alongside the defined fees. If the fees are not paid in full there is a chance that the application will be denied.

Upon successfully filing the (485) visa application form, the department will keep the applicant up to date with any changes in the status of the application.

The final decision of the visa application is sent out to the candidate in detail and, in the case of rejection, a full breakdown of the decision is provided.

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Australia offers a diverse range of educational options for international students. Our professional (subclass 485) visa immigration agents can help guide you on your immigration journey and ensure your application has the best chance of being approved. For further information and advice on (subclass 485) visa requirements, its eligibility, and its structural conditions, contact our (485) visa consultants today.

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