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Subclass 771 Transit Visa

The subclass 771 visa allows eligible passport holders to transit through Australia via air or sea on their route to another location. This visa allows the applicant and their dependents to transit through Australia for a duration of up to 72 hours. This visa is also available for those that possess a Maritime Crew visa (Subclass 988) if the applicant is trying to enter by air to join the crew of a non-military ship.

How Long Can You Stay in Australia with a Transit Visa?

Travelers can stay in Australia for up to 72 hours before they must leave again via air or sea. Applicants staying for longer than the 72 hour limit will need to apply for another visa, such as the ETA or eVisitor.

Foreign passport holders must apply for this visa while outside of Australia, and must have a confirmed travel booking and necessary permission to reach their final destination in order to get their subclass 771 transit visa approved.

Eligibility Requirements for Subclass 771 Transit Visa

An applicant will be granted a Transit Visa, provided the following applicable conditions are duly met:

  • The purpose of entering Australia is to travel to another country via Australia.
  • The applicant and accompanying travellers hold valid passports.
  • The application for this visa is made offshore.
  • Documentary proof should be provided, including tickets and documents establishing permission and arrangement to travel outside Australia.
  • The traveller must meet the Health and Character requirements as set out by the Department.
  • The applicant must not owe any debts to the Australian Government and has made adequate arrangements to pay off the same if any exist.
  • The applicant must be insured with a health cover for the duration of their stay in Australia.
  • The applicant must sign and affirm the Australian values statement.
  • The Department gets to exercise its discretion on granting this visa; it may not approve an application if it is not in the best interests of an applicant under 18.
  • If the applicant is joining as a crew of a non-military ship, they should be outside Australia and hold a Maritime Crew visa and the necessary crew documents while applying for this visa.

The shared information is not intended to be exhaustive, and the applicants are advised to go through complete eligibility requirements before applying. For more information on visa conditions and processing, please get in touch with our immigration consultants who can assist you through the entire process.

Why Apply for a Subclass 771 Visa

Foreign citizens traveling to another country and expecting a brief layover in Australia can utilise this visa stream if the only reason for their entering Australia is to transit. Depending on their destination country, an applicant may need to obtain a transit visa to make a connection through an Australian airport or cross through Australia.

The subclass 771 facilitates its holders to be in Australia on a short transitional visit of up to 72 hours.

It gives a legal permit to the applicant to transit through Australia and enter and stay in Australia for no longer than 72 hours.

Processing Time for a Subclass 771 Visa

The usual processing time for the 771 visa application is around a few weeks. It also depends on the application being complete in all respects; in such cases, it does not take long for an application to be reviewed and approved.

The application processing can take anywhere up to 13 days for up to 75% of the applications submitted, and up to 70 days for 90% of the applications made. Communicate with the professional 771 visa immigration agents at E-Help for further details on the visa processing time and requirements. A temporary visa is generally less thoroughly assessed than permanent access.

How to Apply for a Subclass 771 Visa

Before applying for the subclass 771 visa, the candidate must-

  • Ensure that they hold a valid passport; if not, a valid passport should be acquired before applying for the visa.
  • Gather all the required evidence. All the documentary proofs must be collected and analysed for the subclass 771 visa application requirements. The evidence should be complementary to the facts of the application form. Submission of the incorrect documents can lead to delays or denials of the visa.
  • The applicants can also include their family members in the subclass 771 visa applications; documentary proofs pertaining to them must also be gathered.

The duly filled and complete subclass 771 visa application can then be submitted to the Department along with the requisite fee. If the fee is not paid in full, the application might not be considered at all.

In order to make a successful visa application, an applicant must ensure correct and complete information as set out in the visa processing conditions are complied with and met, and tha tall of the eligibility requirements are adequately supported by documentary evidence. The application form should be cross-checked in all respects before being submitted. Once the application form is submitted to the Department, they will scrutinise the relevant information with evidence proof and consider the facts and basis of the case. Decisions taken by the Department are generally communicated to the applicants via their registered mails.

The application process for a visa is not an easy task; often requiring an understanding of complex interlinked conditions and migration laws. We recommend that applicants interested in applying for a visa can get in touch with our experienced consultants to ensure a favorable outcome.

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