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Temporary Work

A Temporary Work visa is explicitly designed to let you come to Australia to work temporarily. This visa may have certain conditions attached to it that allow the holder of this visa to engage in particular work or work with a specific employer only.

There are a number of temporary work visas available to visa seekers. In case an individual is unable to ascertain the right visa for them, they can always use the help of qualified migration agents or experts.

It’s no surprise why many international students relish living and working in Australia. With a stable economy and low rate of unemployment along with a laid-back lifestyle, this beautiful country is fast becoming the soil of opportunity for many. However, the country’s job market is at times highly competitive, and chances of securing a job generally depend on innumerable factors, including skills, experience, qualifications, and field of work, specialty, and the city of choice. But work experience in the country itself is invaluable. So, if an individual fails to find a job in their chosen field, that does not mark the end of their visa dream. The eligibility conditions differ for different visa categories and are highly dependent on the migrant individual’s profile.
Australia has a diverse range of visa categories available for immigrants to fulfil their visa dreams. One can apply for different visa types depending on their requirements and eligibility conditions. The most common path to secure immigration access is via one’s profession. If the candidates possess individual skills, their career may enable them to be eligible for one of Australia’s diversified work permit visas. Still, one must gather every relevant information about the conditions, process, and requirements and select the right visa category to apply.

Australia offers work permits and employment-based visas for different types of workers moving to Australia for job-related purposes. Suppose the aspiring foreign candidates are non-resident and are looking for an opportunity to live, study, or work in the country. In that case, there are innumerable visa options available to them, namely the student visa, sponsored work visa, skilled and business visa. Some of the temporary work visa options which are open to the candidates are –

Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa- Subclass 400 temporary work visa (short stay) is meant for specialised work or skills not usually available in the country. The holder of this visa category is allowed to engage in short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work for which the visa has been granted.

Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa- Subclass 403 temporary work visa is structured for those specific work which under particular circumstances will improve international relations of the country. For subclass 403 visa, each stream has particular requirements

In addition to the visa, as mentioned earlier, two new provisional visa categories were also introduced by the Department of Home Affairs for those who want to live and work in some areas of the Country. These visa categories are-

The Australian immigration planning system does not discriminate.

It is extended to all the individuals regardless of their ethnic origin, colour, religion, gender, provided they fulfil the criteria as set out in the immigration law. Moreover, a temporary visa is conditioned based on the time duration of the visa. Some of the quick visa options can get extended, while some do not offer this option. In case of extension of a temporary visa, the holder of the initial access receives the opportunity to further extend their stay in the country by the term of the subsequent visa category. A portion of a temporary visa also falls under the provisional category, which means that the holder of such a permit can apply for permanent residence if eligible. A permanent resident has similar rights and basic entitlements as an Australian citizen.

Everyone working in the country, whether on temporary or permanent immigration access, including international students or those on working holiday visas, has certain primary rights at work that are available to all without any discrimination or preference. Some of the rights are-
To challenge in case of any unfair dismissal from the job, minimum wage, superannuation, healthy and safe work environment, breaks, leave, and rest periods.

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A temporary work visa can be the right solution to the queries of an applicant who wishes to stay in the country temporarily. However, whether the applicant is a student or migrant, it is of utmost importance that he/she clarifies that his/her visa category allows him/her to work (either part-time or on a full-time basis.) For those temporary (provisional) visa holders, who have enjoyed their stay in the country and wish to call it their home, there is a permanent pathway.

Suppose you possess the required skills and have the capabilities to enhance Australia’s economy and contribute to its workforce. In that case, you may be considered eligible to migrate to the country by applying via an Australian Work visa. A good number of foreigners choose to live and work in this country because of the quality lifestyle and several employment opportunities. To know in detail about the temporary work visa requirements, conditions, and benefits attached to it, get in touch with our professional immigration lawyers. At E-help, our service is professional, personalised, and efficient. All of your immigration matters will be centrally managed by our visa experts (designated explicitly for you). The migration process to Australia may seem daunting and overwhelming due to the availability of a complete number of visa categories. For a reliable and efficient immigration processing service, communicate with one of our experienced migration agents. We have successfully assisted thousands of overseas students, families, couples, and corporate clients with their successful immigration access to Australia. Let us guide you through the untangling of intricacies in the country’s migration law by providing expert information and analysing your profile requirements for your visa application. If you wish for a more immediate and thorough assessment of your personal profile, we suggest you book a consultation to receive a formal evaluation of your eligibility at +61 7 3172 4965. Contact us now.

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