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Special Category Visa (Subclass) 444

Subclass 444 is also referred to as a special category visa in Australia. This visa category is structured for New Zealand citizens who wish to stay, study, or work in Australia. This visa category is valid from the date it is granted and ends when the holder departs the country. Hence, subclass 444 visa holders can not travel to another country as this temporary visa expires when they leave the country. If they wish to come back again, a new subclass 444 visa application form needs to be filed. A subclass 444 visa is digitally linked to the eligible New Zealand citizen’s passport and is not labelled separately on the passport.

Why to apply for a Special Category Visa 444

Subclass 444 visas (special category) is a temporary permit to the country. This visa allows its holder to-

  • Stay in Australia.
  • Study in Australia.
  • Work in Australia, in their respective field of interest.
  • To apply for permanent residence, if eligible.

Contact our professional 444 visa consultants/ immigration agents for details on visa conditions and eligibility. We recommend you opt for health insurance to cover any unforeseen medical treatment while you are in the country. 444 visa holders are personally liable for all healthcare costs while they are in Australia. Insurance can help limit one’s financial liability. However, certain health insurance benefits are available to selected individuals in Australia under the reciprocal health care agreement. Ready to get started? Let E-Help make it easy for you by taking out the stress of preparing an application for a visa in Australia.

What is the Eligibility for Subclass 444 Visa

The eligibility criteria for a subclass 444 visa are as follows; For a successful visa decision, all the requirements of the required visa category must be met.

    • The candidate must possess a New Zealand passport (valid).
    • The candidate must not hold a visa that has no further stay condition attached to it.
    • The candidate must not have tuberculosis.
    • The candidate must not be a behaviour concern non-citizen. A behaviour concern non-citizen is someone who is-
      • Convicted of a crime that has resulted in a sentence of death or imprisonment for at least one year, or
      • Convicted of two or more crimes that have resulted in sentences of imprisonment that add up to at least one year, or
      • Previously removed from Australia, or
      • Yet released or deported from another country.

Please book an appointment with our 444 visa consultants/ immigration agents to ensure your favourable visa decision. Our immigration agents are trained to counsel the applicants based on their eligibility regarding their eligibility conditions and requirements.

A subclass 444 visa no application fee or cost attached to it. Furthermore, the candidate must follow Australian law at all times while their visa is valid.

The candidate must also ensure to remain a citizen of New Zealand while holding this visa. If their citizenship changes, they need to apply for a different visa category to stay lawfully in the country. To know more about visa conditions and eligibility requirements, contact us.

The shared information is exclusive but not exhaustive, and the applicants are advised to take the help of qualified migration agents to go through the complete eligibility requirements before applying.

For more information on visa conditions and processing, please contact our immigration consultants to assist you through the entire process.

How to Apply for a Subclass 444 Special Category Visa

Before applying for the subclass 444 visa application (form), the candidate must ensure that they hold a valid New Zealand passport. If not, it is advisable to secure a new passport before travelling to Australia.

Generally, an individual (eligible) apply for this visa on arrival to Australia by completing his/her incoming passenger card.

In some instances, the candidates may be able to apply for this visa once they are in Australia. if –

  • They became a New Zealand citizen/passport holder after they arrived in Australia, or
  • They have entered on a passport that is not a New Zealand passport, or
  • They have entered on another temporary visa.
  • They had a New Zealand citizen baby born in Australia.

One can not include their family members in their visa application form. Each family member will be required to submit their own respective visa application form. Our specialized visa consultants/ immigration agents provide all the support to start a hassle-free and effortless visa journey.

The applicant must provide objective documentary evidence of their nationality and identity as per the visa conditions. The visa decision is made at the airport on arrival.

The visa application process is a confusing and time-consuming affair. The involvement of endless documentation and provisions of specific visa eligibility conditions and regulations becomes a complicated process. So, we suggest you seek professional help to make your immigration route easy and quick.

Processing Time for Subclass 444 Visa

The usual processing time for the 444 visa application form is quick. When the candidates apply on arrival in Australia, their application form will be processed at the airport.

If the candidates apply inside Australia, their application form may take a longer processing time depending upon their circumstances. To apply from Australia, the candidates will need to make an appointment.

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Complex visa requirements and changing legislation have made the Australian visa application process a little complicated. For most people, applying for a visa is quite a daunting task. Here at E-Help, we specialize in doing the same; if you are looking to secure a visa, our visa consultants/immigration agents can be of immense help. Our team of expert migration agents understand the value of your time and money and can cater to your requirements with absolute professionalism and swiftness. Let E-Help provide you with a one-stop solution for all aspects of Australian immigration. Contact us or speak to our immigration agents online. We recommend that you fill up our information form for ready reference and reach us for any form of guidance or assistance regarding your eligibility condition or your application. To book an appointment with our 995 visa agents or immigration consultants, contact us or dial us at +61 7 3172 4965.

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