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Skilled Visa- Regional

Australia is an incredibly popular destination for skilled migrants. The country has immense job opportunities to offer to those who want to migrate to another country for a better life or career prospects. The skilled regional scheme is for skilled workers who are nominated by their employer to work and stay in the country or for those who have been already residing and working in specified regional areas of Australia.

Generally, the rights and privileges offered to the holder of a work visa are equal to the rights and privileges of a native employee. However, the Country offers a high standard of living as well as competitive salaries to skilled workers. The country also facilitates innumerable access options to those who wish to migrate and work in the country.

The regional visa scheme provides temporary or permanent permits to skilled immigrants to demonstrate their respective skills and make a better career in the area. Hence, it also allows the eligible Australian employer to sponsor and secure skilled overseas workers. The regional working visa to the country can be further classified as-

Subclass 494 Visa- Regional Temporary Migration Subclass 494 allows employers in regional areas to identify and meet labour shortages within their region by sponsoring skilled workers from outside. An employer unable to find an appropriately skilled Australian worker may be able to source and hire a migrant for this purpose. The subclass is further subdivided into three streams- the employer-sponsored stream, the labour agreement stream, and the subsequent entrant stream. Subclass 494 is a relatively new regional visa that substitutes the subclass 187 RSMS visa.

To apply for subclass 494, an applicant must be nominated by an employer operating his business lawfully in a designated regional area of Australia. The nominated employment would require the applicant to work in a specified position or the nominated occupation of the sponsoring business or an associate business entity of that business.

The validity period of the visa is five years, and once the applicant is granted a subclass 494 visa, various conditions will be imposed on the applicant:

  • The applicant would be required to live, work, and study in a designated regional area only.
  • The applicant must work only in the nominated occupation. Work in a different occupation would not be permitted unless the applicant applies for and is granted a new Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa.
  • The applicant must start work within 90 days of- arriving in Australia if the applicant was outside Australia when the visa was granted; receiving the visa if the applicant was in Australia when the visa was granted.
  • The applicant must not marry or enter into a de-facto relationship before his entry to Australia on this visa.
  • The applicant must notify the Department if there are any changes in his passport or contact details.
  • The applicant must be able to provide additional evidence related to his work experience, education, and residence if requested.
  • The applicant must attend an interview (if asked for) in connection with the Department’s queries for the grant of this visa.

Subclass 887 Visa Skilled Regional Visa- It is a permanent visa, which allows an applicant to stay indefinitely in Australia. Applicants who have stayed and worked in specified areas of regional Australia qualify to apply through this visa category. This visa does not have any points based requirement. Subclass 887 skilled regional visa is a permanent visa processing structure designed for the provisional visa holders of –

The holder of the subclass 887 visa enjoys the following rights.

  • To live in Australia permanently.
  • To be a part of insurance for health- care and expenses.
  • To study and work in Australia.
  • To apply for Australian residency (subject to Citizenship criteria)
  • To sponsor their close associates for permanent residence.
  • To travel to and from the country for a period of five years.

One should carefully evaluate their migration-related decisions before proceeding with a visa application. An incomplete or improbable visa application might jeopardise the chances of a positive future application. Adequate documentation to validate the conformity to the visa requirements need to be compiled and submitted. Regional visas in Australia get preference for priority processing.

The usual processing time for a skilled regional visa is usually high due to the large volume of visa applications. The general processing time for a skilled regional visa depends highly on the visa conditions as well as the personal profile of the applicant. The Department may seek additional information from both the external and internal agencies involved. The standard processing method and time should be kept in mind before lodging the visa application form.

Understanding Regional Areas

Most locations of Australia outside major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne have been classed as designated regional areas for migration purposes. The Department of Home Affairs has circulated the list of postcodes considered as designated regional areas for the purpose of the Australian visas. Some of the popular regional areas include Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, Lake Macquarie, Geelong, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Canberra.

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