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Subclass 103 Parent Visa

Subclass 103 is a popular visa category for a Parent Visa. This category allows an individual to apply for a permanent Australian visa if their child/stepchild is a settled Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen. This visa is appropriate for parents who intend to migrate and live in Australia for an indefinite period with their child. However, the parents should pass the balance of family test, i.e. have more of their children as permanent settlers of Australia than in any other country. For migrating to Australia and further details on Parent Visa Subclass 103 talk to us by calling at +61 7 3172 4965.

Who Can Apply for a Parent Visa Subclass 103

To apply for a Parent Visa 103, one of the following must sponsor the applicant: a child (including a stepchild) who is an Australian citizen, or a child who is a permanent Australian resident, or a child who is an eligible New Zealand citizen. Alternatively, if the applicant’s child/stepchild is not eligible, the child’s guardian, a relative of the child, the child’s partner, a guardian or relative of the child’s partner, or a community organisation can also sponsor the applicant.

It is compulsory for the applicant to pass the balance of family test to apply for the Parent Visa Subclass 103 category. In any circumstances, this requirement cannot be waived. This test measures your connection to Australia. You pass this test only if: at least half of your children live permanently in Australia or more of your children live permanently in Australia than in any other country.

While applying for a Parent Migration Visa to Australia, the applicant should not have a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (Subclass 870) visa. For more information on Parent Visa Subclass 103 please contact us to assist you in your plans of migration to Australia. You can also find out the benefits of living in Australia if you wish to apply under the parent migration to Australia program.

The applicant is also authorised to name their aged partner or dependent family associates in their Aged Parent Visa 103 application. However, certain requirements as fixed by the Department of Home Affairs need to be met for the approval of the dependent individual’s immigration processing.

The candidate may choose to apply under the Subclass 103 Visa as a retiree, which facilitates the relaxation of a certain number of conditions. However, the award for investor retirement visa under Subclass 405 or retirement visa under Subclass 410 should be presented along with the retiree application. The candidate must also undertake this obligation due to the fact that they have not applied for any other substantive visa.

Other Conditions under Parent Visa 103 Category

With sponsoring a parent visa under the Parent Visa Subclass 103 category, the eligible children of the applicant must be legal residents of Australia for at least 24 months (2 years).

For the Aged Parent Visa 103, the Australian child/children of the applicant must undertake the responsibility of sponsorship of the parent.

A sponsorship letter from the Australian/eligible children of the applicant is of the utmost importance with the Parent Visa Subclass 103. The sponsorship undertaking accepted by the Australian children of the applicant covers the obligation to meet all the financial responsibilities of the parents as instructed by the Australian government while their aged parents are in Australia. The children must also undertake the responsibility of providing accommodation for the stay of their parents and to meet their day-to-day expenses. The sponsorship letter should be accompanied by documentary evidence proving they owe no debt to the Australian government.

The applicant and accompanying family members must meet all the required health tests and should be able to produce all the necessary documents. The applicant must not owe any debts to the Australian government while making an application under the Parent Visa 103 category.

How to Apply for the Parent Visa Subclass 103

The first step towards parent migration to Australia under the subclass 103 is to make an application with the Department of Home Affairs. The application must be complete and consistent with eligibility requirements in all respects. Documentary evidence must be submitted along with the application form. The candidate must provide evidence of no previous history of any visa application being rejected or cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia.

The application should be submitted with the requisite amount of fees. The submission of an application for parent migration for the Australian visa with the Department of Home Affairs is a complex task; our 103 Visa immigration agent can assist you in collecting and filing all the accurate documents. For quick and easy processing of your application, the visa consultants at E-Help Consultancy would be more than happy to help you through your parent migration journey to Australia.

Benefits of Australia Parent Visa

Australian permanent residents who are nominated by their children and who have children who are Australian permanent citizens are granted the 103 Visa.

  • Permit to travel to and from Australia for 5 years
  • Allowed to nominate other family members
  • Can enrol for the Medicare system
  • Can apply for citizenship if eligible

Checklist For Documents

Here is a checklist of documents and obligations that you need to fulfil:

  • Provide evidence that your child is an Australian citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  • If your child is over the age of 18, he must make the nomination; if not, a qualifying relative or local organisation will do.
  • Applicants are required to be older than 18 years old.
  • You can’t show up before the Visa begins to take effect.
  • You must abide by the Australian ministry’s morality and physical fitness standards.
  • The Australian Values Statement requires your signature.
  • If you wish to study in Australia, you must have proof of assurance there.
  • The Australian government must receive any unpaid debts from you or your family.
  • If you want to apply for a visa, you must be outside Australia.
  • You must pass the family-balance test.
  • You must abide by the guidelines established by Australia’s Ministry of Immigration.
  • Present proof of health insurance.
  • You shouldn’t have previously had any visa applications rejected or cancelled.

Sponsorship Requirements for the 103 Parent Visa

The sponsor must meet the following conditions before they can support you to travel to Australia:

  • The sponsor should be older than 18 years old.
  • They must be your child’s partner or your child (in some cases).
  • They must be an eligible citizen of New Zealand, an Australian permanent resident, or both.
  • They need to qualify in the Balance of Family Test.
  • During visa application, they should already be residents of Australia.
  • To pay for your expenses, they must be able to meet income needs.
  • They have to be prepared to post an Assurance of Support (AoS) bond with Services Australia Assurance of Support. Any financial load you may place on the Australian health and welfare system is intended to be covered by the AoS.

Australia Parent Visa 103 Cost

The 103 Visa fees begin at AUD 4,425 but can rise in price based on the number of applicants, their ages, and the date the visa application is submitted. The visa fee will be split into two payments.

Why Choose Parent Visa Subclass 103

The parent migration application under Parent Visa Subclass 103 if approved entitles its holder to stay permanently in Australia as a permanent resident. The accompanying dependent of the holder also enjoys the same benefits.

The holder of this Parent Visa 103 category is eligible to apply for the citizenship of Australia after fulfilling certain criteria. The holder of this visa is also entitled to subsidised health care benefits. The holders of a Subclass 103 Visa can work or study in Australia as per their own choices like any other permanent resident. The parent visa holder can travel to and from Australia for 5 years without any restrictions.

The processing time for the decision of the Subclass 103 Visa is not specified. Generally, it takes years for the decision of a parent visa to be made. For quick and easy visa application, consult our immigration agents.

When Parent Visa Subclass 103 Gets Rejected

There are several reasons as to why the parent migration request to Australia for the Parent Visa Subclass 103 category may get rejected. If the documentary evidence, which is provided at the time of application is not convincing as per the requirements of the immigration process, it may lead to a negative outcome for the application. As evidence is the key for any migration category, visit our 103 Visa consultant to get professional assistance and sufficient visa points.

When the documents submitted with the application are inconsistent with each other or if there are conflicts between the statements and its complementary documents, it might lead to the rejection of the visa application.

When the documents reach the Department of Home Affairs after the deadline or do not substantiate the facts as stated in the application, it might get rejected. There are other reasons too which can lead to a negative decision.

Despite all the odds, there are other ways through the road to a successful visa application. At E-Help, our 103 Visa immigration agents strive to provide you and your loved ones the chance to attain the required visa points. To make your dream journey to Australia less stressful and hassle-free, we aim to take care of all the hard work and make this task easy for you. Book an appointment with our consultants today for a detailed evaluation of your circumstances and visa options. Other than this, we also offer temporary graduate visaskill shortage visa, student visa and more.

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As per the survey of The Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than half of the Australians have a parent who was born overseas. If your aged parents want to be a part of your Australian family, contact our 103 Visa immigration agent for a guide to trouble-free parent migration procedure. To book an appointment, please contact us.


1How Long Does it take to process the Subclass 103 Visa?

New Contributory Parent visa applications that have been submitted and satisfy the conditions to be placed in the queue for final processing take at least 73 months. In case of delays, the New Parent and Aged Parent visa applications may take at least 30 years to finish.

2Can you Apply For Another Parent Visa That is Quicker to Process?

You can apply for a Contributory Parent Temporary Visa (173) or a Contributory Parent Permanent Visa (143), both of which have a significantly speedier processing time but much higher costs, in addition to a Subclass 103 Visa.

The 173 Visa has a short window of validity. After earning the 173 visa, you will still need to apply for the 143 visas if you want to live permanently in Australia with your child.

3 Can you work in Australia if you have a 103 Visa?

Yes, you can work in Australia if you have a Parent visa.

4Can you enrol under Australian Public Healthcare with a 103 Visa?

Travel to and enrolment in the public healthcare system of other Australian regions are also permitted by the Parent Visa Subclass 103. You are also eligible to apply for Australian citizenship later on.

5Can you travel to and from Australia with a Parent Visa 103?

The holder of a Parent Visa 103 is free to enter and exit Australia. They are also permitted to nominate further family members, but only for five years after the date the Visa was issued.

6Which are the different types of Parent visa options?

The parent visas available in Australia fall under the following categories.
The three types of parent visas are: sponsored, contributing, and non-contributory

7What is the parent subclass 103 visa?

The parent of an established Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or a qualified New Zealand citizen may immigrate to Australia with the help of this permanent Visa.

8What is the difference between visa 103 and 143?

The Contributory Parent (subclass 143) visa is known to have much quicker processing times and a higher application price than the Parent (subclass 103) visa. But the requirements for both visas are essentially the same.

9Which Visa is best for parents in Australia?

It is legal for parents to live in Australia if their child is a qualified citizen of New Zealand, an eligible permanent resident of Australia, or both, owing to the well-known Contributory Parent visa (subclass 173 and 143). The contributory parent 173 visa is only a temporary visa that allows the holder to stay in Australia for two years.

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