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Australia has immense opportunities to offer those who want to migrate to another country for a better career. The business visa pathway is one such route for Businesses, Investors, and Individuals to expand their horizons and traverse new opportunities.

The country has evolved as one of the top-most business-friendly countries in the world. It ranks 10th in the world in ease of doing business. Australia beckons to business and offers several opportunities and support mechanisms to individuals or entities wanting to conduct business in the country. The business visa subclasses are designed for entrepreneurs or businesspersons who wish to invest in and operate an existing business or launch a new enterprise/business.

The country’s business visa scheme is designed to boost the country’s economy and provide assistance to organizations with business interests and associations in the country. A business scheme visa offers a wide array of work permits in the country. The Australian government is highly encouraging and supportive of business, research, innovative and entrepreneurial activities. So, if you wish to take your business to greater heights and expand overseas, then most certainly, there is no better country than Australia. However, to secure a visa under the country’s business scheme, the applicant needs to invest a specific amount of money as per the required visa stipulations or secure adequate funding from recognized venture capitalists.
The applicants should prove that they have a genuine intent to carry on the business in the country as per the visa conditions while their visa is valid. The applicants should also meet the specified health and character requirements.

The business visa scheme in the country can be further classified into-

Business & Investor scheme- The business and investor visas allow successful business-minded individuals to contribute to the Australian economy while living in the country. One can opt for this visa category by investing in Australia’s existing business opportunities or having the right acumen and experience by buying or setting up their own business in Australia. Suppose you apply to immigrate to the country under the Business Innovation and Investment program of the government. In that case, you will be assessed against a points test, as it is a point-based visa category.

Business Talent scheme- The business talent visa program helps boost the country’s economy since the visa subclasses provide a gateway to eligible entrepreneurs and business owners to flourish in the country. Australian business visa is the ultimate answer to all the queries of foreign entrepreneurs or talented individuals with the right skills and calibre who are willing to enter newly developed horizons with stable economic conditions to explore the immense business opportunities available.

Acquiring permanent residency by means of a business visa, there are many options available for you to choose from. Suppose you have previous business experience and are looking to establish a new business in the country or develop and operate an existing business. In that case, the Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (subclass 132) offers you the perfect opportunity to achieve your permanent residency in your dream country.

For a temporary permit, subclass 188 business innovation & investment visa can be an appropriate route. This visa category has several streams that an applicant can choose from based on their eligibility for the respective stream. This is a provisional visa valid for four years and is structured for investors and business owners who are keen on establishing business operations in Australia.

Business visas in Australia include both –

  • Provisional visa- It acts as a pathway to attain permanent residency.
  • Permanent visa- Allows business owners or investors, or entrepreneurs to live and work in the country indefinitely.

In an effort to encourage foreign investors and entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in the country, the Department has also designed attractive permanent residence and provisional immigration programs. Keeping in mind the interests and abilities of specific types of business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors, the Department has formulated a vast variety of business subclasses. Foreign Nationals with business ambitions in Australia can find recourse to immigration. They can easily explore their options to immigrate abroad and continue their business operations peacefully with their family in a promising environment.

All the States and Territories in Australia have excellent investment opportunities and business prospects. The States invite and welcome those interested in owning and managing a new or existing business that has the capacity to create jobs and deliver exceptional economic benefit to the State.

The usual processing time for a business visa in the country varies based upon several internal and external factors as the Department may seek extra information from both the candidates and external agencies for the assessment of a Business visa. The extent and system of assessment of visa application forms are more thorough for a permanent visa than a temporary visa. The candidate should consider a business application visa’s high processing time before applying for the respective visa category. Commerce and industry are expected to set a new record of growth in the coming years; therefore, entrepreneurs, investors, and businessmen are in high demand in the country.

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