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Temporary Activity

A temporary activity visa is designed for those who possess specific skills and wish to stay in Australia to do a particular type of work temporarily. A temporary visa primarily refers to all the visa categories with limited validity in terms of time. Usually, the screening process for a temporary visa is less thorough as compared to permanent access. In some cases, the holder of a temporary visa can apply for an extension. Extending your stay before the expiry of your initial visa is a simple process to increase your stay duration in the country.

A temporary activity visa allows an individual to undergo or carry out the work or activity specified in their application. Since the visa category is conditioned to allow the undertaking of temporary and short-term activities, only the applicants are normally required to meet the genuine temporary stay requirement (GTE). While applying for a temporary activity visa in Australia, one should secure sponsorship from an approved temporary activities sponsor.

A temporary activity visa facilitates an individual to come to the country temporarily for-

  • ​​​​​​Participating in certain events that are endorsed by the government of Australia.
  • Participating in an Australian research project.
  • Work for the entertainment industry in the country.
  • Participating in a special unique program that is approved by the Department of home affairs (provides opportunities for cultural enrichment, youth exchange, or for community benefits).
  • Participating in religious work (on a full-time basis).
  • As a crew member for a superyacht (employed).
  • Participate in a skilled position against any staff exchange arrangement.
  • Participating in sports competitions (high-level) or sports training programs.
  • Doing domestic work (on a full-time basis) towards the household arrangements of individual foreign executives (senior).
  • Participating in specific activities at the invitation of an organization (Australian).

This immigration category is conditioned to allow individuals to Australia to work on a short-term basis in specified areas or participating in various cultural, social, and research activities or international events. Those candidates who wish to apply for their Australian dream visa through a temporary route should meet the Department of Home Affairs’ specific criteria for the visa category. The conditions attached to a visa category need to be followed to maintain the immigration access’s validity for the international immigrants.

A temporary activity visa opens the country’s door for individuals who want to practice particular work or participate in specific events. Still, it does not secure residency in the state for long. However, there is nothing in this visa that stops you from applying for another category in the future if you wish to stay longer in the country (if eligible).

A temporary activity visa can be classified as-

Subclass 408 – A subclass 408 temporary access is for those who possess exceptional skills and are sponsored or supported for the period of their stay in the country. The visa’s time validity is also dependent on the nature of the work for which the visa application is filed. Following are the conditions attached on a work basis-

  • For Special Program- Special programs include events associated with cultural enrichment or community programs, youth exchange, school language assistants, or “gap year school volunteering.” Generally, for this category, access to Australia is granted for up to one year (with family members)
  • For the research project- The research project includes observations or participating in the research activities at a certified research institution in Australia. In a usual scenario, the temporary visa for this category is valid for up to two years (with the members of the family).
  • For Religious Work- Religious work include working for an Australian religious institution in the country. This visa category is generally valid for up to two years for the candidate and the family members.
  • Invited participants of the social and cultural activity- This category includes participants invited to a community-based event, including any sports events. This visa category is generally for those invited to the country by the country’s social or cultural institutions and is valid for two years.

Subclass 407 Training visa

Subclass 407 is another short-stay visa that allows you to visit Australia on a temporary basis and participate in occupational training or professional development for a specified period. This visa enables you to work for your sponsor in a specified occupation, whilst partaking in a structured training program organized by your employer.

Before applying for a temporary activity visa to Australia, one must consider the processing time concerning the events’ dates for which they are applying for the visa. The processing time of different visa categories differs based on the visa category requirements and stream for which they have been used. The usual processing time varies based on the assessment procedure of the Department too. Usually, the processing time for the short stream category of visa is less than the medium or long stream. Further, the cost for the visa application also changes with the change in the visa category. The price for a short stream visa is lesser than a medium or long stream visa in general.

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