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Professional Year program

Professional year programs areis designed to bridge the gap between aspiring graduates and their dream job. The course is specially curated to equip students with necessary job skills and training needed to work efficiently and prosperously in an Australian workplace. To apply for this program, you must hold a graduate or post graduate degree from an Australian university.

A PY program is delivered over a period of 44-52 weeks where every student is taught the ins and outs of an Australian workplace. It helps students procure internships in the industry of their choice which further teaches the practical aspects of an Australian workplace and at the same time helps them to build a professional network that facilitates career growth.

The program spans for 44 weeks including 12 weeks of internship in a relevant host company. Participants of PY program stand a chance to gain 5 points under an eligible skilled occupation, as specified by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

who is eligible for applying for PY program?

  • Applicants need to complete a degree in accounting, IT and engineering in Australia.
  • Must hold a Skilled Graduate Visa (subclass 485) or Bridging Visa to the graduate visa.
  • Under 50 years of age.

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  • Can you translate written documents from one language to the other? Or are you fluent in speaking more than one language?
  • National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters or commonly referred to as NAATI certification lets you work as a translator and interpreter in Australia.
  • Translators deal with the written word. They translate written documents from one language to another. Interpreters deal with the spoken word . They interpret what each speaker is saying  into the other person’s language.
  • Specially designed for people with linguistic skills, NAATI certification helps linguists all around the world to work as a translator and interpreter in Australia.
  • A NAATI certification validates your language skills and prepares you to meet professional standards in Australian translation and interpretation industry.E-Help can help you with NAATI admission.You can gain 5 migration points by getting NAATI Accreditation.

This involves four basic steps:

  • Opting whether you want to be a translator or interpreter?
  • Meeting the pre-requisites for certificate testing.
  • Appearing for the certification test and obtaining minimum required marks.
  • Should you clear the test and get a certification you have to recertify every three years to maintain your credentials as a NAATI certified translator or interpreter.

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English Courses

English is the most spoken language of the world. Foreign countries like Australia require immigrants to furnish proof of their English language ability. Applicants have to appear for listening, reading, writing and speaking tests for the language. The time of furnishing proof is different for various visa sub classes. The required levels of fluency depend upon the visa sub class that you are applying for. Typically, a candidate is tested in his/her ability in listening, speaking and written communication in English language.

  • Superior: get 20 points in general skilled migration point test (GSM), have a score of 8 bands
  • Proficient: get 10 points in general skilled migration point test (GSM), have a score of 7 bands
  • Competent: basic requirement for GSM, have a score of 6 bands
  • Vocational: have a score of 5 bands
  • Functional: for secondary applicants seeking to avoid paying the English Language Charge

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