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Bridging (Removal Pending) Visa Subclass 70 Visa

Subclass 070 or the Bridging visa R (BVR) allows an individual to be released from the immigration detention centre and lets them stay in the community till their removal formalities are completed. It is formulated to prevent an unlawful non-citizen from being held indefinitely in immigration detention by allowing them an ordinary stay before finally having them removed from Australia. Besides subclass 060 (Bridging visa F), subclass 070 or the BVR is the second most rarely used bridging visa in the Australian visa system.

For a detailed understanding of the BVR or the subclass 070 visa, get in touch with our visa immigration agents. Our team has professional visa consultants to cater to all your requirements and visa related queries and concerns.

How does a Subclass 070 Bridging (Removal Pending) Work

The subclass 070 belongs to the Class WR category of the Bridging visas; this visa is ordinarily issued to individuals who are under immigration detention and whose removal from Australia is not reasonably practicable at the time. Granting a visa to a person under immigration detention is solely the Minister’s discretion. The Ministers generally use their non-delegable, non-compellable public interest power under section 195A of the Migration Act 1958 to grant a Bridging visa R to an individual under detention. This process is more commonly called the ministerial intervention.

Apart from the persons under immigration detention, The Minister, if they deem fit, may also grant a bridging visa to the following new class of prescribed individuals:

  • Individuals who do not currently hold a visa;
  • Individual who are not under immigration detention (and are therefore outside the power of the Minister to issue a visa under section 195A of the Migration Act); and
  • Individuals whose removal from Australia is not reasonably practicable at the time.

In order to be eligible to make an application, an applicant must have been invited by the Minister to apply for the BVR in accordance with regulation 2.20A(2). A formal reply must be given within seven days to accept the invitation (If received). Before sending an invitation, The Minister thoroughly satisfies himself that, if the Bridging visa R or the BVR is granted, the visa holder will abide by all the conditions appended to the visa. An eligible applicant(on being invited) must ensure that they meet the requirements of Regulation 2.20(12); relevantly, they are required to do “everything possible” to ensure their swift departure from Australia.

A Bridging visa F (Removal Pending) is accompanied by a set of specific conditions, and the required conditions must be adhered to at all times. E-help suggests you seek professional advice to understand in detail what the specific conditions allow and forbid you from. It is extremely crucial to determine if your planned activities comply with the stipulated visa conditions. If any of the circumstances concerning the applicant’s eligibility change, the Department should be informed in writing about it.

It may affect the Department’s decision and lead to the cancellation of the visa. Please book an appointment with our expert visa migration agents, one of the leading consultants (in Brisbane), to ensure a smooth visa processing.

The shared information is exclusive but not exhaustive, and the applicants are advised to take the help of a qualified migration agent to go through the complete eligibility requirements before applying. For more information on visa conditions and processing, please contact our immigration consultants to assist you through the entire process. Our team consists of extremely talented consultants who are just a call away. Call us now.

How to Apply for a Bridging (Removal Pending) Subclass 070

An individual can not apply for this visa on their own; they must first be invited (If eligible) to apply for this visa. Normally an invitation in writing is sent out by the Minister to the individual (prospective applicant) if they qualify to apply for this visa. One must apply according to section 494B methods and must accept the invitation within seven days. Talk to our visa consultants for accurate information on the application process. Our specialized and professional visa consultants are trained to counsel the client and provide all the assistance required to ensure a positive visa decision. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our visa migration agents to assist you in all your concerns.

Processing Time for a Bridging (Removal Pending)

The accurate processing time for this visa is not available. A Bridging (Removal Pending) is issued in exceptional circumstances, and the Department normally receives a notification or request from the Minister for the processing and grant of this visa. Communicate with a professional visa immigration agent at E-Help for further information on visa processing and guidelines.

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