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New Zealand Citizens Family Relationship (Temporary) (Subclass) 461

Subclass 461 visa is a temporary visa in Australia and is structured for those eligible individuals who wish to reside in Australia and are members of the family unit of a New Zealand Citizen (residing in Australia) and wish to stay in Australia temporarily. Simply put, an individual can make an application under this subclass if they are married or are in a de facto relationship with their partner who lives in Australia but is a New Zealand citizen. This visa is also available for other eligible family members of the referred New Zealand citizen.

Why to apply for a New Zealand Citizens Family Relationship (Temporary) (Subclass) 461

Subclass 461 visa (New Zealand citizen’s family relationship) is a temporary permit to the country. This visa allows its holders to-

  • Stay and in the nation while the visa is valid.
  • Work in the country while the visa is valid.
  • Study in their respective field of interest in the country while their visa is valid.
  • To travel to and fro from the Country for five years.
  • Include members of the family unit in the visa application form.
  • Apply again to extend your stay in the country.

To know more about the provisions of a subclass 461 visa, please get in touch with our expert team of migration agents.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for a New Zealand Citizens Family Relationship (Temporary) (Subclass) 461

To be eligible to apply for a subclass 461 visa, the candidate must meet the Department’s specified eligibility requirements. The visa conditions must be followed all the time.

  • The candidate must not be a citizen of New Zealand.
  • The candidate must be an eligible member of the family unit of a New Zealand Citizen staying in Australia.
  • The candidate must ensure that the New Zealand citizen must meet the eligibility requirements as per the 461 visa conditions. (Be a holder of subclass 444 visa).
  • The candidate must meet all the health and character requirements of the visa category.
  • The candidate must sign- Australian Values statement to confirm they will respect and follow Australian law.
  • The child and the family unit members must have paid back all the dues to the Australian Government (if there is any) or have made adequate payment arrangements.
  • The candidate must not have a history of a canceled or rejected visa to the country.

The Department must be convinced that the visa grant is in the applicant’s best interest. Further, the visa application form processing in Australia is tricky and needs professional help. We suggest you book an appointment with our 461 visa consultants/ immigration agents to know in detail about the eligibility requirements, conditions, and visa application form processing.

It is suggested to opt for adequate health insurance to cover any unforeseen medical expenses while in Australia, as the holder of a 461 visa is personally liable for their health expenses. However, certain countries have reciprocal health insurance with Australia. Citizens of such countries need not opt for health insurance.

How to Apply for a Subclass 461 Visa

Before applying for the subclass 461 visa application, the candidate must ensure that they hold a valid passport; if not, a valid passport should be acquired before applying for a visa.

The next step lies in the gathering of the relevant evidence. All the documentary proofs must be collected and analyzed for the Subclass 461 visa application requirements. The evidence should be complementary to the facts of the application for a subclass 461 visa conditions.

The applicants can be inside or outside the country while the application form is filed. However, the applicant must be outside the country when the decision is made if they filed a visa application form from outside, and must be inside the country when the decision is made if they lodged the visa application form from inside. Contact our 461 visa consultants/ immigration agents for detailed information on visa processing and eligibility conditions.

The duly filled and complete subclass 461 visa application form should be filed with the Department along with the requisite fees. The current fee for a subclass 461 visa application form is AUD 365/- If the fee is not paid in full, the Department might not consider the visa application form at all

Talk to our 461 visa consultants/ immigration agents to accurately fill the application form based on visa conditions and requirements. Our specialized (461) visa consultants/ immigration agents are trained to counsel the client and provide all the assistance required. Please schedule an appointment with our 461 visa consultants/ immigration agents to start a hassle-free and effortless visa journey.

After filing the subclass 461 visa application form, the Department communicates the visa application decision at the registered mail of the applicants. The rationale behind rejection is also shared with the applicant (in case of rejection).

Processing Time for New Zealand Citizens Family Relationship (Temporary) (Subclass) 461

The usual processing time for a (subclass 461) visa is not fixed and varies depending upon the application form’s status and the visa category requirements. However, the processing for 461 visas might be higher if-

  • The application form is not filled incorrectly
  • The application form is not accompanied by all the documents needed as per the visa conditions.
  • The Department seeks more information

Communicate with a professional 4461visa consultants/ immigration agent at E-Help for further details on the visa processing and eligibility requirements.

The Department generally asks for additional information (for processing the application form as per the visa conditions) both from the candidates and/ or external agencies for the application’s decision. A temporary visa category is assessed less thoroughly than a permanent visa category.

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