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Australia is highly revered in terms of higher education, owing primarily to its world-renowned universities and facilities. With high standards of living, vibrant cities, cosmopolitan attitude, Australia is the 3rd most favourable destination for international students dreaming of pursuing their education abroad. With a well-established economy and education system, it is easier to find jobs in Australia. The plus point is you get to explore a dynamic culture and live the Australian life will enhancing your skills by working in a multicultural environment.

A post-study work visa is one of the most important factors for students aiming to pursue higher studies in Australia. The Department has structured visa access to the holders of student visas that allow students to stay in Australia for an extended time period after completing their graduation.

If you wish to stay and work in Australia after completing your educational degree, make sure that you are fully aware of your visa requirements and restrictions. Navigating the Australian immigration process is often stressful and confusing for an individual to handle alone.

Work after study route in Australia is designed for individuals who wish to stay in the country after completing their studies. This pathway is usually used by individuals studying in the country to facilitate an extended stay in the country or to settle in Australia permanently (if eligible, at a later stage). When your student life in Australia comes to an end, you have a range of options. These visa pathways are the most standard options available to international students. Work after study visa allows international students with a graduation degree from Australian institutions (certified) to stay in the country and work in their respective fields of interest. To continue to remain in the country and for employment purpose, the international students must apply for a work visa before their student visa expiry. This immigration permit acts as a primary stage for students who wish to extend their stay for some time and work towards achieving permanent residency.

This section provides information on visa routes available to international students after they complete their graduation. Currently, there are two specific visas intended for this purpose. Both have specific eligibility criteria

Subclass 476 – Skilled Recognised Graduate visa- This visa is structured for those individuals who wish to live, work, or study in the country, based on their engineering qualifications, from specified institutions (Recognised Educational Institutions). A skilled, recognised graduate visa is temporary access (generally granted for up to eighteen months) to the country for fresh engineering graduates. It allows eligible graduates to find and apply for employment opportunities in Australia. It is a temporary permit to the Country. To apply for this visa category, the candidate must possess an engineering degree, which is not older than two years. The degree could be a-

  • Bachelor’s degree; or a
  • Master’s Degree; or a
  • Postgraduate Diploma; or a
  • Doctoral Degree

The candidate must have obtained an engineering qualification from a specified institution. The Department website has a detailed list of Recognised Educational Institutions for reference purposes. The candidate must be below 31 years of age. The applicants can also include their family members in the subclass 476 visa.

Subclass 485 – Temporary Graduate visa- This visa is specifically designed for international students to allow them to stay in the country after completing their studies. This visa access provides the holder of this visa with the right to study or work (after completing the study). This visa category has two main streams the Graduate workstream and the Post-study workstream.

Graduate work stream visa- It is a temporary visa for international students who have freshly graduated and let you-

  • Remain in the country for up to 18 months. (Up to 5 years for Hong Kong passport holders).
  • Bring your family to the country with you.
  • Study or work (full time) in the country temporarily.

Post-study work stream visa- This visa category is aimed at international students who have recently graduated from an Australian institution and hold a higher educational degree. The requisite qualification of the candidate should satisfy the specific occupation requirement of the government. For the postgraduate visa, the prerequisite must be a CRICOS registered course. (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students). To apply for a successful temporary graduate visa, the candidate must satisfy the English language conditions in Pearson Tests, IELTS, or Occupational English Test. For graduate work stream access, a successful skill assessment test is also required.

Besides the post-study visas, there are a number of other visa routes in the Australian visa system, and eligibility will depend on your personal circumstances.

For further details on a range of visa options and the latest updates, please see check our website.

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