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June 25, 2024

What you should know regarding Resident Return Visa (RRV) Australia

Getting an Australian permanent residency is not so easy. But if you got it, you could stay in Australia as long as you wish. There are two variants of RRV: Subclass 155 & Subclass 157. The RRV Subclass 155 is the most popular and allows you to leave and return to Australia within a 5 year of visa grant date. Hence, you have time of five years to decide whether you wish to qualify the Australian citizenship or to keep your original nationality.  

However, later, if you wish to go back to Australia, it will depend on renewing your travel authorization every 5 years. This is because, only the Australian citizens are entitled to the automatic right of entrance. Though, not many people are aware that their PR visas have a five-year travel limit.  

Alternatively, the RRV Subclass 157 is extensively issued to people who do not meet the above criteria but who are unable to return home because of compelling and compassionate reasons. 

What is a Resident Return visa, and how may it be used

What is a Resident Return visa, and how may it be used? 

Australian citizens with PR (permanent residency) whose travel permission have exceeded are given a resident return visa. However, the permanent visa holders are allowed to stay and enjoy their time in Australia for unlimited period, but their visa’s travel privileges expire following five years. Therefore, they must apply for an Australian Resident Return visa to ensure they have the privilege of re-entry into Australia if they intend to travel abroad after this time. 

If the permanent resident’s departure from Australia is justified, they may also be offered a resident return visa if they have been living abroad for a greater period. Also, they can keep their long-term residence while returning back to Australia by qualifying and submitting the resident return visa application form.

For a maximum of five more years, you can enter and exit Australia without any restriction if you possess an RRV. All your liberties as a legal resident are still intact; this only extends your authorization to travel. A new resident return visa application can be made once your current travel facility expires. Moreover, you are not limited in the number of times you may submit applications for resident return visa australia in a row.

resident return visa renewal

Requirements and Conditions Associated with RRV

Permanent citizens of Australia may be eligible for an RRV/resident return visa renewal if specific criteria are met. You can submit an application for this visa from abroad or while you’re in Australia.  

Quick summary of the most crucial visa requirements: 

  • The person applying is a legal resident of Australia or a former permanent citizen  
  • Fulfill the residence requirements or explore other options 
  • A valid passport 
  • Neither the citizenship nor the last PR visa was revoked or forfeited 

The validity of a visa and its prerequisites: 

  • Travel facility for a maximum of five years 
  • Unmodified PR status and rights 

resident return visa australia how long

How long does Resident Return Visa Take 

Applications are evaluated individually. The resident return visa should normally be processed within five working days of the application being submitted, provided that the residence requirements and any other conditions are satisfied. 

However, the resident return visa processing time can differ for several reasons, such as: 

  • Whether you have filed an application and added the required supporting documentation. 
  • Depending on whether you submitted your resident return visa application form on paper or digitally. Online applications facilitate quicker processing 
  • How fast do you respond to inquiries for additional details 
  • How long does it take us to cross-check the details given by the applicant 

Furthermore, modifications to Government Directions, the number of applications, and complicated cases all affect processing timelines. 

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Eligibility for RRV 

The eligibility for an RRV is determined by the specific circumstances. The most crucial factor is the status of your Australian visa. If you presently have a valid PR visa, you can apply for a resident return visa renewal. Furthermore, the individuals who were formerly legal residents or Australian citizens and whose previous PR did not expire are eligible for this visa.  

However, it may not be the case that you are disqualified for the RRV (resident return visa australia) even if you are unable to fulfill the residency requirements. Your acceptance of this visa may also be determined by considering other conditions. For instance, you might still be eligible if you had a good cause to be away from home, such as a family member who was ill abroad or other commitments that were beyond your control. In addition to this, you can get a resident return visa if you show that you strong ties to Australia that will benefit the nation.  

Final Words 

A Resident Return visa can be applied for either within or outside of Australia. Applicants who can show significant relationships or have good and considerate reasons for being abroad may be given this visa, which has a maximum 12-month validity. Those who can fulfill the citizenship criterion are eligible for a Resident Return visa, which has a five-year duration. The visa is connected to your passport number and issued online. This indicates your passport does not need a passport label or any additional entries. 

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