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Skilled Talent (Permanent) Visa (132)

Skilled Talent (Permanent) Visa (132)


The Skilled Talent permanent visa allows an individual to establish a new business or develop an existing business in Australia. The visa has two entry streams:

  • Venture Capital entrepreneur stream: This stream is for people who have sourced a significant amount of venture capital funding from a member of Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL).
  • Significant Business History Stream: This stream of visa entry is for the individual who are high caliber business owners or part owners who want to do business in Australia.


The candidate must:

  • Invited to apply for the visa.
  • Be nominated by a state or territory government agency.
  • Have assets of AUD 1.5 million and business turnover of AUD 3 million (for Significant Business History)
  • Have a funding of at least AUD 1 million from an Australian Venture Capital Firm (For Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream)

Length of Stay



Starts from AUD 7290

*Credit card surcharge 1.32%

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