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Subclass 602 Medical Treatment Visa

The Subclass 602 medical treatment visa is a temporary visa for those seeking medical treatment or medical consultations in Australia. The visa holders are allowed to stay in Australia for the duration of their medical treatment or while the visa is valid. This visa covers eligible medical reasons for travel, including:

  • Undergoing medical treatment or medical consultations in Australia
  • Organ donation
  • Accompany/ support a person in the situations above
  • People over 50 years of age that are too unfit to depart Australia

This visa stream is not applicable to medical treatment in case of surrogacy related motherhood.

An application for a Subclass 602 visa can be made inside or outside of Australia. However, you should be in the same location when the visa is granted as when you apply. With this in mind, if the application is made outside of Australia, you should remain outside of Australia when the visa is decided and vice versa.

How does a Medical Treatment Visa Work?

Australia is well known for its modern medical facilities and a robust health care system. The entire medical sector is very well equipped, and the health care staff are held in high esteem.These are some of the reasons why people chose Australia for their medical treatment. An applicant of any age requiring medical care can apply for a visa under this route. A subclass 602 visa allows you to:

  • Vist and stay in Australia for medical treatment and consultation
  • Take up studies for up to three months, unless you are under 18 and your circumstances have changed since entering Australia.
  • Travel to Australia either:
    • once to enter the country until your treatment plan is completed, or
    • as many times as you wish while your visa is valid.

What is the Validity of Subclass 602 Medical Treatment Visa

A medical treatment visa 602 allows an applicant to stay in Australia until the treatment plan or consultations are over. The applicant may be granted single or multiple entries on this visa depending on their situation. This visa is usually adequate for those who wish to stay in Australia for a short duration to undergo their respective medical treatment. While on this visa you cannot stay in Australia for more than a year, however, it can be utilised for those that require ongoing medical treatment or are unable to depart Australia due to a severe health condition.

If the subclass 602 visa is applied in Australia, the visa is generally granted for a period of up to 12 months. If the visa is applied offshore, the visa is generally granted for a period of up to 3 months

Eligibility Requirements for Subclass 602 Visa

One can apply for a medical treatment visa if they are eligible for any of the following conditions:

  • Applicant needs to undergo a medical treatment plan or medical consultation in Australia.
  • Applicant is going to donate an organ to someone.
  • Applicant is accompanying a patient or organ donor who is applying for this visa.
  • Applicant is about to receive an organ from someone who travels to Australia with them.
  • Applicant is in Australia, and is around 50 years of age or older, and has been refused a permanent visa on health grounds only.
  • Applicant intends to come to Australia under the arrangements between the Western Province of Papua New Guinea and the Queensland Department of Health

The subclass 602 visa can be granted to an applicant if they meet the following eligibility conditions as set out by the Department:

  • Applicant must be medically eligible for the treatment.
  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Must be able to financially support themselves, and have access to adequate means to support and continue their medical treatment.
  • Not have any medical condition that could pose a threat to public health.
  • Be a genuine visitor.
  • Do not owe any debts to the Australian Government. If any such obligations exist, have made adequate measures/formal arrangements to pay it back.
  • Not hold either of the following visa classes:
    • Domestic Worker (Diplomatic/Consular) Visa (subclass 426)
    • Domestic Worker stream of the Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa (subclass 403)
  • Not have had a visa refused or canceled by the Department on earlier occasions.
  • Applicants and their family must comply with all visa conditions and Australian laws.

Other Conditions for a Subclass 602 Visa

There are some additional eligibility conditions set out by the Department for the grant of a subclass 602 visa, which are:

  • The medical treatment visa holder must not undertake any form of work during their stay in Australia. This basically means the visa holder will not be allowed to take up paid employment or work. Some exceptions do apply. You can get in touch with our expert migration agents to brief you on the complete details about any the requirements and exceptions that apply to your personal situation.
  • A medical treatment visa holder can study or engage in training, but in no scenario can the duration of the study or training exceed three months.
  • Once the visa validity approaches an end of the specified timeframe, the visa holder should leave Australia immediately.
  • The holder of this visa cannot make a valid application for any new or substantive visa other than a protection visa while still in Australia. This means you must go home in order to apply for, and be granted, a new visa.

The shared information is not intended to be exhaustive, and further eligibility requirements do apply. For complete information on visa conditions and processing, please get in contact with one of our qualified and expert immigration consultants. Our migration agents are fast and responsive, and will ensure you are fully informed on your visa rights.

How to Apply for a Subclass 602 Visa

In order to lodge a successful visa application, the applicant must ensure the information they submit is accurate and in line with the visa processing conditions. Furthermore, all of the eligibility requirements should be adequately supported by documentary evidence.

Once the application form and supporting documents are complete they can then be submitted to the Department. From here, the Department will consider the application on the basis of the facts provided. Decisions made by the Department are communicated to the applicants via registered mail, and will also include full reasoning should the application be denies.

The subclass 602 visa application process can be confusing and overwhelming, often requiring a complete understanding of complex interlinked conditions and migration laws. If you are looking to apply for a subclass 602 visa, we recommend you reach out to one of our experienced consultants to ensure a favourable outcome.

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The Subclass 602 visa is structured for individuals in urgent need of medical support and care; this visa subclass facilitates their travel to Australia for their medical treatment. We, at E-Help, understand the urgency and importance of getting such visas approved in a speedy manner. We care deeply about the impact such situations can have on our clients and our sensitive migration agents want nothing more than for our clients to receive the treatment they require

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