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If you wish to migrate to Australia, you need to apply for a visa category that suits your requirements and the visa conditions. The Australian government generally structures a visa to allow foreign nationals to stay in the country on a temporary or permanent basis suiting their needs and circumstances for visa application. Australia is an incredibly popular destination among migrants. The country has an immense range of opportunities to offer to those who want to migrate to another country for a better standard of living and to enjoy a quality life.

Generally, the rights and privileges offered to the holder of a visa are set as per the visa category and type applied for. The country also facilitates innumerable access options to those who wish to migrate and work in the country, but one must ensure that the visa conditions are followed at all times. It is pertinent to note that the visa you apply for is linked to the specific purpose of your stay in Australia.

When or why you need a visa depends on what you would like to do and where you’d like to go. There are innumerable reasons why one might require a visa. There can be specific instances or personal needs that might necessitate an individual’s immigration request to
Australia. The visa structure here facilitates both short term and long term stays in Australia. The type of Australian visa you apply for depends on the need and purpose of your visit.

Depending on your reason for applying for an Australian visa, you will need to fulfil specified criteria and present documentary evidence at the time of application. E –Help can advise you as to which visa best suits your requirement and all that you need to gather and prepare for your application.

There can be several reasons or instances where one might need to apply for an Australian visa, and they can be event-based or routine in nature. Keeping in mind the specific scenarios where a visa is required, the visa types may be further categorized as-

Visit visa-Visit visa in Australia is designed for individuals to stay temporarily in the country for a specific purpose and a particular period. The Australian visit visa is usually used by visiting individuals, tourists, families, and businesspersons to facilitate short travel and tourism to Australia. Sometimes, a visit visa for a longer duration is issued to the parents or close family members of Australian citizens or permanent residents. The usual processing time for a visit visa in Australia depends on the applicant’s profile and other outward and assessment factors.

Study visa- A study visa in Australia is usually a temporary visa that allows you to be in the country for a specified time period to study at Australian universities and educational institutions. Following types of study are considered for a study visa to the country-

  • Independent ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students)
  • Schools (primary and secondary)
  • Secondary school exchange program
  • Vocational education and training (VET)
  • Higher education
  • Postgraduate research
  • Non-award courses
  • International students sponsored by Defence or the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The country provides strong academic credentials, the institutions and the cities that house them around the country are famous for their student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity -all important factors for students to choose Australia as their study destination. Australia’s laws are also known to promote quality education and protection for international students.

Work after study visa– Work after study visa in Australia is designed for individuals who wish to reside in the country after completing their studies.

The Australian work after study visa is usually used by individuals studying in the country to facilitate longer stay in the country or to settle in Australia. When your studies in Australia come to an end, you have a range of options. This route is the most common option available to international students. This visa allows international students with a degree from Australian institutions (certified) to stay in the country and work in their respective fields of interest. To continue to stay in the country for employment after study, the international students must apply for a work visa before their student visa expires.

Mix work and travel visa– Work and travel visa categories in Australia is framed to allow foreign tourists aged between 18 and 30 (inclusive) years old to have an extended holiday in Australia while supplementing their funds with short-term work. This temporary permit to the country has a validity of a specific time (generally for up to one year). The holders of such visa categories are allowed multiple entries into and exit from the country while their visa is valid.

Business visa– Australian immigration business visa is available to businessmen, high net worth individuals, or venture capital firms, who have successfully established business enterprises and/or are keen to invest in the country. Australia is known for one of the world’s best and stable economies and is a revered and highly attractive investment destination. Australia Business visas are usually given to experienced business people to migrate to the country and establish their businesses or invest in existing business opportunities in the country.

The above-mentioned information is inclusive but not exhaustive. There are several other visa choices available to travel to Australia. Please reach out to our immigration agents to know details about the available visa categories as per your needs and eligibility.

Visas can be separated into two broad categories as per the time validity they provide: temporary and permanent. Permanent visas allow the visa holder to reside permanently in the host country, whereas a temporary visa allows the visa holder entry into the host country on a temporary basis.

The general processing time for an individual visa depends highly on the visa conditions and the applicant’s personal profile. The Department may ask for additional information from both the external and internal agencies involved. The standard processing method and time should be kept in mind before lodging the visa application form. The assessment method and provision for a temporary visa is less thorough than a permanent visa category. Hence the processing of a temporary visa is usually lower than a permanent visa category subject to the requirements of a particular visa assessment.

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