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General Skilled Migration

Australia is one of the most sought after countries for individuals who want to immigrate. The country has innumerable qualified professionals flocking towards its stable economic environment. The immigration process in the country is maintained and structured by the Department of Home Affairs. To reduce the processing time, the Department has streamlined its visa application process. While the country has a diverse range of immigration access open to the world, the most common category is its skilled migration program.

It is structured for individuals who possess a particular talent and wish to migrate to the country on a permanent basis. The general skilled migration program for immigration to Australia is a points-based process. Point’s criteria are assessed during the invitation process. Every single requirement has a point attached to it. Generally, the factors that considered for testing your points are-

  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Overseas work Experience
  • Australian Experience
  • Overseas Qualifications
  • Australian Study
  • Partner skills
  • Stay or study in a regional area

Points determine the eligibility of permanent migration access to the country. If an individual is under 50 and has adequate work experience and proficient English language test results, his/her chances of securing higher points are more. Visas within the General Skilled Migration program are all points-based and are either independent, State / Territory, or family-sponsored permanent visas. The Skilled Occupation List includes all the occupations eligible to apply for a permanent residency under the General Skilled Migration program

This visa category is further classified as- Subclass 189 Visa- Skilled Independent Visa

Subclass 189, a skilled independent visa category, is structured for skilled workers (who qualify for the points test) who are not sponsored by their family members or employers. 189 independent visa is a permanent visa, which allows its holder to stay as a permanent resident in the Country. This visa category can be further classified as-

  • Point tested stream- This visa is designed to let invited workers with the required skills who wish to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia.
  • New- Zealand stream- Eligible New Zealand citizens can also apply for a skilled independent visa (subclass 189) under the New Zealand stream. It is meant for those eligible New Zealand citizens who have demonstrated commitment and contribution towards Australia and wish to live and work in Australia permanently.

The holder of a 189 independent visa can stay in Australia for an indefinite period. The possessor of a skilled independent visa (subclass 189) can also work or study in the Country in their respective area of interest and can enrol in the health care scheme of the Government.

An applicant is required to qualify for the points test under the 189 visa requirement. The candidate must meet the minimum marks requirement of 65 points to secure an invitation to apply and must not be more than 45 years of age when they receive an invitation to apply. An expression of Interest (EOI) must be submitted to the Department to apply for this visa. The EOI application will be ranked against other applications, and if a suitable occupation position exists, the applicant might be invited to apply for the visa. If the applicant gets invited, they must apply for the visa within 60 days of the invitation.

The candidate must also fulfil all the health and character requirements. The applicant must also provide evidence of their competency in English.

Children- To include children in the skilled independent visa (subclass 189) application form, the children could be the applicant’s own or stepchild. However, the children must be below 18 years of age; or above 18 years but below 23 years and must be dependent on the applicants or their respective partners, or above 23 years, but dependent on their parent/s due to some physical or cognitive restrictions. However, the child must meet the health requirements as set out by the Department.
The cost of subclass 189 visa application ranges from AUD4,045 for the main applicant. Extra charges may apply for each member of the family included in the visa application form.

Besides subclass 189, there are other Australian visas that are issued under this category.

Skilled Work Regional Provisional visa subclass 491– This visa subclass is for overseas skilled workers who secure sponsorship by an eligible Australian relative residing in a ‘Designated Regional Area’ or nominated by a participating State or Territory Government.

Skilled Nominated visa subclass 190-This visa subclass is for those skilled workers who get nominated by a State or Territory Government of Australia. It is points tested permanent visa, eventually offering the visa holder a chance to apply for citizenship on being eligible.

Apart from the points tested visa, the employer-sponsored visas are also quite popular under the GSM program, such as subclass 186 & 187. Employer-sponsored visas require employer sponsorship by Australian employers, and the requirement of SkillSelect EOI is optional.

The SkillSelect program is an online tool that has two steps: first is the submission of an EOI (Expression of Interest), and second is the actual visa application process.

The usual processing time for a general skilled migrant visa is not fixed and depends on the personal profile of the applicant and the visa conditions. Moreover, the general time for the processing of the independent skilled visa is dependent on the complexity of the visa background.

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For migration to Australia, both temporary and permanent options have been designed for eligible skilled workers from around the world. The visas may also be classified based on other stipulations and conditions, such as temporary and permanent residence, an applicant’s age, sponsorship, and support by an eligible employer. Understanding all the conditions of different visa categories is a tricky task.

Since the visa requirements under the General Skilled Migration program are complex and distinct, we recommend you communicate with our visa immigration agents for a successful visa journey. E-Help specializes in assisting clients in fulfilling all the visa requirements and securing a positive result for a skilled visa in Australia.

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