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Pearson Test of English

A PTE test is an online assessment that measures a person’s English proficiency considering enormous factors such as, desired study destination and living background. There are two main exams offered by Pearson to evaluate how proficient respective candidates are in English, the PTE Core and the PTE Academic. The PTE Core test is for those looking for Canada residency and the PTE Academic exam is for student visa purposes. Adhere to the below-mentioned information to get well-acquainted with the complete in and out of both tests.


PTE Core is primarily created for individuals looking to immigrate to Canada. Therefore, if you are looking to become a Canadian citizen, consider giving this test. The Canadian government economic visa categories accept PTE Core as a valid language proficiency test approved by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This test will help you undergo the Canadian residency process at ease.

Why choose PTE Core?

  • Dependable and Safe: Offers secure testing environments and trustworthy results.
  • Acknowledged for Immigration: Approved by various immigration agencies.
  • Fast Outcomes: Typically, results can be provided in just a few days.

PTE ACADEMICS Many students use PTE Academic as the route to admission into prestigious universities. Tailored for use in academics, PTE Academic scores are highly recognized by colleges and can be utilized for visa applications in different countries. If you are seeking higher education or a professional certification abroad, PTE Academic is the route for you.

Why opt for PTE Academic?

  • Quick Results: Generally, results are accessible within 48 hours (about 2 days).
  • Flexible Testing: Various test dates offered year-round.
  • Computerized: Guarantees fair scoring and a uniform testing environment.
  • Recognized Internationally: Accepted by several universities, colleges, and governments throughout the world.

PTE ACADEMICS Many students use PTE Academic as the route to admission into prestigious universities. Tailored for use in academics, PTE Academic scores are highly recognized by colleges and can be utilized for visa applications in different countries. If you are seeking higher education or a professional certification abroad, PTE Academic is the route for you.

Why enroll in PTE Coaching? 

  • Professional Advice: Take lessons from knowledgeable teachers who are familiar with the format and scoring standards of the exam.
  • Customized plans: Study schedules that are specifically designed to target your areas of strength and weakness.
  • Test Strategies: To improve your score, become knowledgeable about efficient test-taking techniques for each topic.
  • Flexible Scheduling: You can choose the timings of the classes to suit your schedule.

What is included in our PTE coaching services?

  • Skilled teachers: Our instructors are experienced in assisting students in achieving a high score on the PTE exam.
  • Comprehensive study resources: Includes practice exams, example questions, and thorough explanations.
  • Interactive lessons: Classes that are both engaging and focus on real-world test situations.
  • Tailored feedback: Thorough evaluation of your progress to aid in your rapid improvement.
  • Practice Test: Complete practice exams to replicate the real test environment and avoid exam day nervousness.

What is the process for signing up?

  • Registration over the internet.
  • Get in touch with us by phone or email to learn more or talk about your individual requirements.
  • Different payment options are available to make investing in your future convenient.

Commonly Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding PTE Academic

  1. What secernate PTE Academic from assessments such as IELTS?

PTE Academic is completely conducted on computers, guaranteeing fair evaluation and fast outcomes, usually delivered in 48 hours (approximately 2 days). Many students and professionals prefer it due to its convenient test dates and secure testing environment.

  1. What is the assessment process for the speaking section in PTE Academic?

You will be evaluated on various factors, including pronunciation, fluency, content and grammatical accuracy.

  1. Is it possible to take PTE Academic in any country?

Yes, PTE Academic can be taken at approved testing facilities in many countries around the globe. You have the option to verify the availability in your area through the official PTE website.

  1. What should I do if I experience technical difficulties during taking the test?

If you face any technical complications while doing the test, acquaint the test center personnel right away. They are educated to manage such situations and make sure your testing process goes smoothly.

  1. What is the frequency limit for retaking PTE Academic if I am unsatiated with my score?

Taking the PTE Academic test is not limited to one time. Nevertheless, you need to await the outcomes of your prior examination prior to scheduling another one.

Frequently Asked Questions about PTE Core

  1. Who should think about taking the PTE Core exam?

PTE Core is perfect for those who must show English proficiency for immigration reasons or confirm their language abilities in a professional setting.

  1. What is the duration of validity for PTE Core scores?

PTE Core scores remain valid for a period of two years after the test date.

  1. Does the level of test difficulty vary between PTE Core and PTE Academic?

Both examinations evaluate English language abilities, with PTE Academic focusing on academic English and PTE Core testing everyday language skills required for practical situations.

  1. Are there specific preparation materials available for PTE Core?

Yes, there are practice tests and study materials available at E-help for PTE Core to help you groom your intellectual abilities and achieve desired results.  Also, there is software available on our website for a 15-days free trial. Leverage the jam-packed features of the software to strengthen your skills. Also, this software is a must for better preparation and helps to excel in your PTE exam. However, this software isn’t required for IELTS preparation.

  1. How quickly will I receive my PTE Core result?

Typically, PTE Core test results are given a few days after the exam, which is ideal for individuals with tight deadlines to meet.

PTE Coaching FAQ’s

  1. What sets your PTE coaching program apart from others?

Our PTE coaching plan offers personalized study timetable, experienced & professional trainers, frequent mock exams, and thorough assessments. Our main goal is to cater to your specific needs to get the highest possible marks.

  1. Can I register in PTE coaching if I have a hectic schedule?

Our classes are scheduled in a flexible manner, including weekend and evening sessions, to accommodate the needs of individuals with active schedules.

  1. Do you provide online PTE coaching options?

Yes, in order to accommodate your choices and convenience, we provide both offline and online coaching options.

  1. In the coaching program, how do you gauge progress?

To monitor your growth and target areas for development, we regularly conduct mock exams and offer thorough suggestions on every aspect.

  1. Is there any more help accessible once the coaching program is over?

Yes, we provide ongoing support in the form of review sessions, necessary practice materials, and individual counseling to ensure our students are prepared for the PTE exam.

  1. What is the expected increase in scores for individuals who finish your PTE coaching course?

Individual outcomes may differ, however after finishing our coaching program, many of the students we train see notable improvements in their test results and frequently reach their intended scores.

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