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Australia has immense opportunities to offer to those who want to migrate to another country for a better career. Business and Investor scheme is for Businesses, Investors, and Individuals to expand their horizons and traverse new opportunities.

Australian Business visas are currently very popular among entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for a better quality of life, seamless social benefits, and a stable market. To mark their eligibility under the Australian point system, one can easily navigate through various categories of business visas available in the country.

The Australian Business visas are designed to help eligible individuals with business interests to grow and expand in the country, thereby contributing to the stability of the Australian economy as well. One of the most popular Business visas stream is Subclass 132.

Subclass 132- Business Talent visa- This visa category is for people who wish to establish a new business or develop an existing one in the country. This visa is for those people who are nominated by the State or Territory Government for applying for the visa. Hence, filing of Expression of Interest is indispensable for this visa category. This is a permanent visa category which can be further classified into-

  • Significant Business History Stream- This stream is designed for successful business owners or entrepreneurs to maintain and operate a new or existing business in the country. They must be able to demonstrate their relevant business skills and expertise.
  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream- This stream is for those eligible people who have secured venture capital funding for their business from a member of the Australian Investment Council. The funding so secured must be at least AUD 1 million.

Another equally popular stream is the Business and investor visas, that allow successful business-minded individuals to contribute to the Australian economy while living in Australia. One can do this by investing in existing business opportunities in Australia, or if one has the right acumen and experience, by buying or setting up their own business in Australia. There are a variety of visas suitable for applicants who are seeking to migrate to Australia primarily for Business and Investment purposes. Australian Business and Investor visas can be categorised into-

Subclass 188-Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa- This visa category is structured for eligible business owners or investors from overseas to establish and maintain their business operations in Australia. This visa category is further classified into-

  • Subclass 188A- Business and Innovation Stream- This stream is for those successful business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to manage and invest in a new or existing business in Australia or wish to make designated investments in the State or Territory government bonds.
  • Subclass 188B- Investor Stream- This stream is for those investors who are on the lookout for excellent investment opportunities and are willing to make a complying investment of at least AUD5 million in the country for four continuous years.
  • Subclass 188C- Significant Investor Stream- This stream is for those significant investors who are already running successful businesses and who wish to make a complying investment of at least AUD5 million in the country and to maintain their business activity in the country. The applicant can be nominated by a State or Territory.
  • Subclass 188D-Premium Investor Stream- This stream is specially designed for those premium investors who wish to invest at least AUD15 million in the country and have a genuine intent to carry on the business activity in the country.
  • Subclass 188E- Entrepreneur Stream- This stream is for those State or Territory nominated individuals who have an agreement with the third party for at least AUD200,000 to undertake a promotional activity with regard to a product or service in the country or development of a business enterprise in the country.

Subclass 888- Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa- This is a second stage visa under business innovation and investment structure. Applicants who hold a business innovation and investment provisional visa (subclass 188) become eligible to apply for subclass 888, the business innovation and investment (permanent) visa provided they continue to fulfil the various eligibility requirements specified under the provisional visa regime. Subclass 888 is for entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners to continue their business activity in Australia. This is a permanent visa category which is further classified into-

  • Business Innovation Stream
  • Investor Stream
  • Significant Investor Stream
  • Premium Investor Stream
  • Entrepreneur Stream

Subclass 890- Business Owner Visa- This visa type is for people who own and manage a business in Australia. It is a permanent visa category granted to specific entrepreneurs and business owners as per the visa conditions.

Subclass 891- Investor Visa- This visa category is designed for that investor who individually or along with their partner has held a designated investment in the country for at least four years. This visa category is designed for the holder of a specific provisional visa (subclass162).

Subclass 892- State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa- This visa category is planned for those specific entrepreneurs or business owners who own and manage a business in Australia. It is a permanent visa category allowed for the holder of a specific visa type and who meet the required visa conditions.

Subclass 893- State or Territory Sponsored Investor Visa- This is a permanent residence visa that allows holders of specific visa types (subclass165) to stay in the country indefinitely. This visa category is designed for state-sponsored investors who have held a designated investment in the country for four years as a holder of 165 Visa.

Business and Investor Visas for Migration to Australia

The Business visas in Australia are designed to boost the economy of the country and to provide help to organizations with business interests and associations in the country. A business visa offers a wide array of work permits in the country (limited to the visa conditions). Business visas in Australia include both –

  • Provisional Visa- It acts as a pathway to attain permanent residency.
  • Permanent Visa- Allows business owners or investors, or entrepreneurs to live and work in the country indefinitely.

The Department has created attractive permanent residence or provisional immigration programs for specific business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors. With a favourable immigration climate, one can explore their options to settle abroad to establish or continue their business operations peacefully with their family.

Australia has immense opportunities for those who have proven their experience in running a successful business organization and are interested in establishing and continuing their business operations or investment overseas. Usually, the business migrants and investors require a valid nomination from The State or Territory (where they would like to operate from or invest in) before applying for a particular (business) visa category.

Australia has a strong and robust economy, a stable political environment, and a well-regulated and flourishing commercial environment. The presence of advanced free-trade agreements and a skilled and multilingual workforce make Australia an ideal business investment opportunity.

The Australian government encourages foreign investors and entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in Australia because they are growth and innovation-focused. This is quite evident from the existing modern ICT infrastructure, excellent R&D (research & development) incentives to business owners, and strong-intellectual property protection rights in Australia. The country’s government is highly supportive of business, research, and innovative entrepreneurial activities.
So, if you wish to take your business to greater heights and expand overseas, then most certainly, there is no better country than Australia.

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