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About us

Constant support – Thorough research – Endless opportunities

These are the founding pillars of E-Help Consultants.

At E-Help, we believe that everyone has the right to dream. Moving overseas is such a dream, hence we have dedicated ourselves to finding the best career opportunities through extensive research, growth centered career counseling and constant support for our dreamers. As the name suggests, E-Help consultancy is an Australian education and immigration agencythat is dedicated to provide complete help to students and prospective professionals to migrate to Australia, whether for higher studies or a better career.
Migrating to Australia requires applicantsto accumulate scoresthat helps them toqualify for a skilled or non-skilled visa. E-Help prepares specially optimized approaches for all our customers according to their specific needs and qualifications.


Did you feel the first day jitters at your new school?

Did you wish that there was somebody who would help?

Take you through each step?


Studying abroad can be a lot like this. From visa applications to universities and course selection, E-Help aims to bridge the gap between students and courses of their dreams. Well don’t worry, we at E-Help consultants offer complete guidance on how you can be a part of the best institutions.


Migrating to another country requires financial aid as well, we at E-Help extend a helping hand to all our candidates’ scholarship needs. Whether it is filling up forms or appearing for scholarship tests, we will be with you every step of the way.


E-Help is specialized in assisting and counseling students/professionals for visa, permanent residence, IELTS/PTE coaching and providing university/course options for students migrating to Australia.


We educate every curious mind about exciting courses in Australia and guide them towards securing admission in the course of their choice. In the field of immigration, the organization offers skilled migration, business migration, employer sponsorship migration, partner sponsorship migration, aged parent visa, and Australian citizenship.


We also train and guide students about suitable courses from various universities in Australia. RPL qualifications, PY, NATTI, English courses, and relevant health cover are amongst other products that we offer. We aim to develop servicesin the immigration and foreign study fields for all the countries of the world.


Broaden the canvas of your dreams, go to places that you have always wanted to. Book an appointment with us to know more!
At E-Help, you get all the help you need, whenever you need.
So, dream on and give us a call now!

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